Tower Of Guns Is A Game About A Tower... Made Of Guns

Tower of Guns Is A Game About A Tower...Made Of Guns

There's something to be said about making an honest game, and Tower of Guns is the definition of that: Honest. It's a game that makes no bones about what it is, and doesn't get mired down trying to be anything it is not.

In the video above, I play a bit of the indie roguelike Tower of Guns. It's got a tower, guns, and feels like somebody put Serious Sam and The Binding of Isaac in a blender and hit a big red button labelled "DOOM". It's a game that delivers exactly on what it promises.

Tower of Guns is out today on Windows for a discounted price of $US9.99. You can pick it up on Steam,Good Old Games, The Humble Store and various other places.


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