Trolling This Dating Service Should Be Cruel, But It’s Great

Trolling This Dating Service Should Be Cruel, But It’s Great

As Bart Simpson has shown, trolling people looking for love is usually a dick move. The trick, then, is to keep it short, keep it simple, and make it funny.

Hello Let’s Date is a Tumblr that chronicles the text adventures of a Tinder member who…well, he’s about what you should expect from a dating service that involves Facebook data and messages with strangers.

Some of these responses might, to the wrong/right person, be a bit much. Others, though, might actually result in dates if the dude’s not careful.

HELLO LET’S DATE [Tumblr, via Daily Dot]


  • This sort of thing is very cruel. Trolling dating sites or apps in any form is cruel. People use those services to find happiness but instead fall victim to bored teenage boys who need to get out into the sun more.

    • Yep. And shame on kotaku for glamorising it. It’s no wonder why gamers are generalised as immature.

      • Hahah.. It’s pretty decent, it’s the weird stuff in life like this that keeps it interesting!

        Besides, if anything is harming them – it’s opinions like these that seem to think people online dating are delicate flowers too fragile for the real world or something. It’s just another format of meeting people, and especially in meeting WORTHWHILE people because you know at least something about them first.

        If someone said these things to you on the street, you wouldn’t be offended, so why would you online, just because it’s a dating site?

        Besides, as others say… It’s tinder.. Hardly a “dating” app.. haha..

    • This isn’t cruel though I can’t find a single example of him actually being anything other than self-deprecating. It’s actually very witty (which is not common on the internet these days) and reminds me of David Thorne’s stuff (, but this guy actually manages to have more of a laugh at his own expense than anyone else’s, unlike David.

      Laughed for a long time with these. Read them a second time and laughed harder.

    • You have that back to front.
      The people using it to actually find love need to get out in the Sun more.

    • As a regular Tinder user, these conversations would be a breath of fresh air. They are the opposite of cruel.

  • I have to ask. Contact pictures on iOS? We’re assuming he’s jailbroken, right?

    • Nah you can have them, there’s a setting to show them or not. I have them turned off cause it allows a bit extra space in messages.

    • You will only see contact pictures in group messages on iOS without being jailbroken. But I think we are seeing screenshots of the chat function in Tinder (never used it myself so I could be wrong)

  • I like a good troll as much as the next person, and while this guy has the occasional good line; like the Hypothetical Egyptian skate culture, overall it’s decidedly average.

  • It’s either you go on Tinder and get trolled, go on Chatroulette and see Batman’s wang, or going to meet “Cindy”, that nice girl who is within (3) miles of you and ignores your pleas for help when you ask her to call the police in that chat box that appears at the side of your favourite website.

    • Wow, I thought it was just me that had something special with Cindy. Oh how I loved her nonsensical answers to my questions…

  • May or may not be cruel, but isn’t exactly hilarious. At least the infamous “I put on my cloak and wizard hat” IRC chat guy was hilarious.

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