Twitch Beats Pokemon!

Twitch Beats Pokemon!

Early this morning U.S. Eastern time, after 16 days, seven hours, 50 minutes and 19 seconds, the combined strength of hundreds of thousands of Twitch viewers defeated Pokémon Red. You can watch the final battle against Blue right here.

After launching Feb. 12 , the game began battling the Elite Four yesterday afternoon. Conceived as a social experiment, Twitch Plays Pokémon evolved into what likely will be remembered as one of video gaming’s biggest stories of 2014. Twitch Plays Pokémon essentially crowdsourced the commands issued to the game, with the game taking action either by majority or supermajority vote.

According to traffic estimates, more than 650,000 Twitch viewers participated in in some way; at its height, more than 120,000 users were participating together. The channel gathered nearly 200,000 followers and generated millions of views.

It spawned a few imitators, including an attempt to crowd-play The Legend of Zelda and a game of Tetris whose directional commands mimicked those taking place in Twitch Plays Pokémon. Satires, memes and even “religions” also captured the mirth and enjoyment of the two-week phenomenon.


      • I think that’ll be the last one. After that we started getting DS games didn’t we? Some of the actions required using the stylus, though granted for unnecessary crap like beauty contests and poffins.

          • Oh yeah, forgot all about those. I personally went straight from Silver on the original gameboy to diamond on the DS, never had a GBA.

    • Better late than never. They never claimed this was breaking news and I hadn’t heard this elsewhere yet.

  • Umm where’s the video? Seems to be plenty of links back to earlier articles but seeing as I was working and missed the end was curious to see it.

      • I did find a video on twitch, but if an article literally has the line “You can watch the final battle against Blue right here” I’d kind of expect a link or an embed of some description.

        I like Kotaku, most of it’s stories align well with my interests but lazy journalism tends to get annoying. I can’t wait till the day when they just clone @markserrels and let him do all the articles.

    • In the original Kotaku US article that “right here” has an embedded video underneath it from Twitch. Which hasn’t transferred across in syndication.

  • FWIW this would’ve been posted when it happened, but we had to wait for the weekend to be over.

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