Twitch Plays Pokémon Is Back, And Now They’re Playing Pokémon Crystal.

Twitch Plays Pokémon is back, and now they’re playing Pokémon Crystal. I know the feeling, and the need to keep your friends together and a good thing going. But it’s never as good as the first time . Still, if you want to watch, here it is.


  • I’m annoyed how loosely people use the term “…is back”. Mainly because they use it for something that never went away or hasn’t been gone. Twitch Plays Pokemon had a 24 hour rest. Or in the life of the internet is that considered years now?

    • Not everyone may have been aware that they took a day off then came back with Crystal after finishing Red. I can understand why it seems like overstatement when they went directly from one to another, but I don’t think the phrasing is out of order in this instance.

  • i am assuming there is meant to be some sort of embedded video or link with the here it is statement?

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