Ubisoft Confirms Assassin's Creed: Unity

Here we go. Two days after we showed you the next Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft's confirming it. Video footage above.

Assassin's Creed: Unity is out this holiday for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It's not coming to last-gen platforms, as we reported earlier this week. We've heard that Ubisoft is working on a different game to be released on Xbox 360 and PS3.


    I one the rare people who enjoyed the future stuff in previous AC games. I kind of missed it in AC4. I hope they bring it back.

      I agree. Once Desmond's story was over I decided that I'd only get AC4 if it was completely future set. So I was pretty disappointed when there was even less.

      I'm the same, the modern day stuff was a lot better than the pirateering in the previous games.

    OOOOOOOO!!! New Assassin Creed! Cant wait!

    Oh look, another one......does the series even follow a storyline anymore?

      It did at one stage but then they seemed to just dump and ignore the end of the world bit...

        As someone who only joined the series at AC4, I honestly don't care for the Abstergo v modern templars shtick. I tried to immerse myself in it, but ebbed up resenting the details from the games storyline. Perhaps Ubisoft have, tightly or wrongly, decided that their target audience, like myself, has changed ... The core group of players is , I suspect, no longer those who have followed the series since the start, and that new breed of player just didn't care about anything beyond the story of the game they're playing. Just my .02c

          Unlikely, given the coffee guy and the courier in the lobby are the two surviving members of the group trying to save the world. Abstergo (the modern templars) versus the Assassins is the core element of the game, so it's doubtful they're doing away with it, as the assassins were present in modern day in a subtle way in IV. However that being said it got so convoluted, it's entirely possible they've decided to streamline it and change their approach to it.

          i think most people dont care for the Abstergo crap. I've played since AC1 and it was interesting in the first game but the second game just made it seem silly (the sun is going to kill us).
          I wish they would focus more on the time periods and not on the assassin v templars stuff. It would be much cooler if they both were more in the backround. With the exception of AC4, it seems like every character with lines in the game knows who the templars and assassins are and strangely isn't shocked or bothered by it.

          Plus it always baffles me why no one thinks the guy in the hood is suspicious. The hood made sense in AC1 because you looked like a monk, and everyone was dressed pretty wierd in AC2 so you sort of blended in. It just seems like the assassin's are trying a bit hard to stand out.

      Do they need to? Each has its own story and it provides us the players with a different world and story every time. Almost like bringing out new games but putting them under a title so they get more sales. Which seems to work. Really loved AC IV

      Yes and No.
      I'm guessing you're referring to the Desmond Miles storyline that spanned the first few AC games?
      Basically that sucked arse, and Ubisoft realised people didn't like it, so it was scrapped.

      But yes, each game has it's own unique storyline. AC4 was the most fun. AC Brotherhood was my second favorite

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    Graphics are too good to be legit. If not the first two scenes, then definitely the crowd scene.

      Has been the case with all AC trailers. But fingers crossed PS4 and Xbox1 versions come pretty close.

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        There isn't a last gen version bickles

          Indeed, AC Unity is PS4 and Xbone only. AC 'Comet' I believe its called, is the 360 and PS3 game. If it can look 3/4 as good as inFamous Second Son looks (Suckerpunch game, I know) well that'd be awesome.

            It's coming to PC as well.

              Oops true. I just meant its not sharing previous generations :)

          Damn. Now im gonna have to actually buy a ps4!

    Does the trailer remind anyone else of the CGI one for the first game? The one that plays on startup?

      It kind of does now you mention it. Bonus points to them for not showing the protagonist using a weapon that doesn't appear in the game this time...

        I better be able to use a guillotine ;D

          A teeny little one mounted to your wrist, you can use it to get out of a grapple by chopping the attackers fingers off

          Oh I'm sure it'll appear as a f***ing mini-game.

    Surely it can't actually look that good right?

      Not a chance.

      Not having to support 360/PS3 will help but I'll be surprised if it looks as nice as this

      Totally will. I mean, remember how good AC1 looked?


    From the creators of Ass Bro and Ass Pirates some Ass Uni - The Templars have grown up. Coming Soon.

    another one? holy shit AC is becoming the next CoD, flogging the absolute crap out of it.

      I thought that last year, but AC4 turned out to be one of the best games of 2013. Hopefully this one is the same

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        I'm not doubting the quality just saying they are flogging it. people complain nintendo pump out too many mario games but they are quality too.

    Hopefully Ubi Kiev don't fuck up the PC port again. Whats the point of graphics options if the game runs at 20 FPS on Very Low and Ultra?

      I think with an engine designed for PC they won't have such an insane porting task on hand unlike before.

    I don't get the AC bashing. It is a greatly written series with great mechanics and a crap load of content for the money.
    The best ones are fantastic and the ones that are not the best are still great.
    It is not like the went from Dragon Age 1 to Dragon Age 2 as far as volume, quality and tone.
    Also if you get into the lore real world and Assassin/Templar it is fascinating stuff.

      You know what it's not that a game is coming out every year, I mean COD does that, but COD is virtually a MP only game and if you play the campaign you can probably beat it in two weeks (if you play a bit each night)

      Assassin's Creed by contrast, is a massive game that takes months to finish (again for people without much spare time) so bringing out a new one each year is nuts - I'm still playing AssBro - it's taken me a long time because I was kinda burned out on the gameplay after AC2 (the MO is brilliant though) by the time I finish it I reckon the next one I play will be this new one - these games used to be an event, now they're just an occurrence.

    can somebody explain when "this holiday 2014" actually is

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    Anyone else expecting this song to start?

    Black Flag was GOTY for me last year. Finished Last of Us because I'm a gamer and was obliged to. 6.5/10

    Notre Dame? Paris? It's in France? Man I was hoping for something a little more 'exotic'. My French/Italian history is a bit (read: extremely) flaky, but during that time period they really didn't seem that much different to me so I dub this Assassin's Creed 2.75 based on the trailer. Sure the French Revolution is interesting, but I was hoping for something a bit different.

    Kings, religion, feuds, blah blah blah. Whatever happened to Japan or a future setting? Or perhaps an unexplored period of time that's completely made up, following the aftermath of Minerva's society?

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