Uncharted Writer Leaves Naughty Dog

Uncharted Writer Leaves Naughty Dog

IGN reports that Amy Hennig, the lead writer and creative director on the Uncharted series, has left developers Naughty Dog. Having originally reported "trusted sources" as saying she had been "forced out" of the company by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the site has since updated with confirmation of her departure by a Sony rep.

"We can confirm that Amy Hennig has left Naughty Dog", the statement says. "Amy has made significant contributions to the game industry and we appreciate all she has done for Naughty Dog. The development timeline of Uncharted will not be impacted."

Uncharted PS4 Writer Amy Hennig Leaves Naughty Dog [IGN]


    I hope she lands on her feet. The Uncharted games have provided me with some of my most enjoyable gaming moments over the last 10 years.

      She'll land somewhere.

      Remember she was at Crystal Dynamics, heading up the Legacy of Kain series before moving to Naughty Dog, so she'll find a new home somewhere without a doubt.

    Man.... I read her interview in gameinformer last year, and it really does seem like her creative input MASSIVELY contributed to the awesomeness of the UC series.

    I really hope the series will continue to be great without her. And I also will keep an eye out for what she works on next, as I would love to see what she can create in a fresh environment!

      Yeah she was awesome. I also watched a few making of vids and quite liked her.

    Could this move open the door for a re-boot of the Legacy of Kain series?

    I have missed Raziel...

    I'd be curious to know what is meant by "forced out"? Presumably Uncharted 4 would have been well underway by the time Druckmann and Straley finished The Last Of Us and its DLC. So why would they be forcing her out of Uncharted 4 instead of moving on to another game themselves? Makes you wonder if perhaps Uncharted 4 isn't coming along as well as Naughty Dog would have liked?

    Still seems very odd that a company like Naughty Dog would "force out" somebody like Hennig, given her track record.

      It seems weird. I kind of assumed that she'd be mainly focused on UC and Druckmann and others would be in a separate team working on a follow up to TLOS or new IP.

      Maybe they haven't decided on the new IP and pooled resources back together...

    Unlikely that she was "forced out". That sounds like someone trying to make the rumour more juicy before it was confirmed as fact.

      Why is it unlikely? Nasty shit goes on in offices around the world all the time.


        It could be as simple as the others not really liking her personally and just not including her leaving her feeling ostracised. Or perhaps some subtle bullying to make her miserable at work, or even internal politicking to actively get rid of her.

        Or you could be right and nothing of the sort happened and she just wanted a change. Any of those possibilities are quite likely.

          It probably had something to do with this post on /v/ from the 24th of February "It's a shame you guys missed the drama from Amy and the Uncharted team about the Last of Us DLC.

          She called the story needlessly pandering to a socially abrasive niche that demeans the quality of narrative in its entirety and enforces the idea of the death of camaraderie.
          She did a seminar recently about how the increasing focus on sexuality is robbing readers, viewers, and gamers of themes that have been present in story since the time of antiquity: Friendship and camaraderie.
          By the end of it Amy said that we're entering an age where no one could write a story like Alls Quiet on the Western Front or Band of Brothers without people insisting that the men are gay for each other."
          link to sauce

    Time to come back to the Legacy of Kain series Amy!

      Featuring Nolan North as Raziel, the wisecracking vampire!

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