$US100 For An Alpha? Stardock's 4X Galactic Civilizations III Hits Steam

For Early Access games — and alphas in general — the trend is to offer the game at a lower price to entice people to pay for the privilege of playing / testing a busted version of your work. Stardock's Galactic Civilizations III is one of a number of recent titles that's drifted away from this model — instead, you'll need to fork over more than what the final version will likely go for, in Stardock's case, this the rather heavy amount of $US100.

It'd be remiss of me not to mention that your $US100 ($108 locally) gets you all the DLC and expansion packs the developer will release for Galactic Civilizations III, as well as some additional bling in the form of a forum badge and access to "exclusive" art and music content.

What Stardock has going for it is the fact it's not an unknown indie that might close up shop in three months' time. It also released no less than four expansions for the previous game in the series, so you can have some confidence it'll follow a similar pattern for this outing.

Still, is this the sort of model we can expect from other developers going forward? Over the years we've seen a race to the bottom of sorts, when it comes to indie game pricing. It was inevitable we'd see some push back.

It does seem to be working for Stardock at the moment — GalCiv III is currently #19 in Steam's top seller's list.

Galactic Civilizations III [Steam]


    Elite: Dangerous Alpha access is 200 pounds! That's nearly $400 aussie dollars. Ridiculous!

    I have serious doubts about the whole Alpha model. I have no interest paying for a basically broken game with vague promises for improvements. At the same time, it basically kills the hype for the final release. I think I've passed up on a ton of games, because they were unplayable when the media was still talking about them, and then I just kind of forgot.

    Don't see how this is any different to "Pre-Order the deluxe edition now and recieve beta access! Deluxe include Season pass".

    I really don't see the GalCiv 3 release as being over priced or whatever. You're paying $100 for the Game and ALL it's subsequent expansions. Alpha access (specifically intended for testing and community feedback) is just one of several pros that come with it.

    If you didn't want those pros, Stardock had been offering a discounted pre-purchase option for months, saving $10 off what they were planning to retail the finished product for and also giving beta access, but lacking the expansion/dlc inclusives.

    I really don't see it as them "charging $100 for an alpha!!" so much as offering a limited time deal on the base game, additional content and early adopter perks (alpha included).

      I mean, if this were really the case and we were paying $100 for just an alpha, why hasn't everyone gone ape over Star Citizen charging $100+ per individual starship, which gives you access to a hangar to view them (Essentially an alpha version of the upcomming dogfight module.)

      The reason is you're not paying for the hangar, or even just the ship...you're prepurchasing a full product from an established (and well known) developer and gaining extra perks for doing so early...

      Stardock has been around for donkeys years and GC2 is one of the highest acclaimed and best selling games in the genre.

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