Wait, You Might Get In Trouble In Japan For Leaking Spoilers?

Wait, You Might Get in Trouble in Japan for Leaking Spoilers?

That's according to a Naruto fan site in Japan, known for posting spoilers. The site apparently received a message from a publisher, telling them to delete their articles and kindly asking them to shut down their site. Oh boy.

The site, called Naruto Channel with "Naruto Spoilers" in the URL, then deleted all plot point and character reveals. It then declared they were ceasing similar coverage in the future for both Naruto and One Piece. Both manga are published by Shueisha. This news comes from respected Japanese site IT Media (via Sankaku Complex).

Internet spoilers have supposedly hurt the Japanese manga industry, which previously ignored online spoilers. But, with sales on the slide, the industry is getting tough and, reportedly, starting to target popular spoiler sites like Naruto Channel, preferring to deal with the sites quietly.

However, IT Media's report states that "decisive action" will be taken against those who leak manga spoilers online. The industry reportedly won't just take action towards Japanese language spoilers, but English ones as well — anything that spoils or leaks info.

The report on IT Media isn't a hundred per cent concrete, and a lot of these leaks are hard to police. But for now, take this as a sign of things that might come.

ネタバレ記事に関して [Naruto Channel] ネットの「全文ネタバレ」に出版社が"断固たる措置"? [IT Media via Sankaku Complex]


    I wish this could be done with the Prowrestling spoiler sites,

      It's OK buddy, I'll cancel out your downvote, if only in respect for the child-like adoration I once held for pro wrestling. "OH MAN! How can Kain keep fighting after being tombstoned from up top of a cage and with tacks stuck into his back?? He's amazing!"

    Internet spoilers have supposedly hurt the Japanese manga industry

    I thought that was gouging their fans and treating their artists like cattle.

    I can honestly understand how knowing one major plot point, or at least knowing that the upcoming issue is one 'where x does x' can be the little thing to tilt someone into not bothering to buy it, given all the other rubbish/costs people have to throw money at these days.

    How is anything they are doing legally wrong?
    What kinda action can they take?

    That's right... ANYONE who spoils a game, movie, anime or TV show should be shot on sight!

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