Watch A Near Naked Man Beat On Bosses With A Giant Hammer In Dark Souls II

My good friend and fellow games writer Joab Gilroy has already finished Dark Souls, but when he finished it he did something stupid: he started a new game from scratch. But to keep things fresh he did something a little different. By chance he acquired a big giant goddamn hammer, and now he's playing through the entire game with it.

The weapon in question is the Demon's Giant Hammer, a monstrous thing that does insane amount of damage. Joab has been tracking his progress with the hammer, and uploading videos of the boss fights he's done so far. Who could have known watching a naked avatar beat on bosses with a giant hammer could be so entertaining!


    I did this with Dark Souls 1 for a while until I got bored.

    I was discussing this with some mates and what Junglist did was actually more incredible, because being naked actually had advantages in this game if you're good at rolling and dodging. Whereas being stuck on level 1 is much harder.

    EDIT: Unless he's also onebroing it... that's nuts then.

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      Don't think he is or his Club would do no damage as the str req is higher than any starting class.

        He only upgraded Strength, so he was able to wield it properly and cause the required damage. I forget off the top of my head, but I think Strength also raises your physical defense which is like a pseudo armor.

        But hey, I'm not discrediting Joab because this is still pretty damn awesome and cool to watch!

    On dodge fights your armour doesn't matter, so all this video is is someone bragging about beating the boss using a better weapon?

      Did you watch both videos? The sentinel fight was all about switching between two-handed and single handed to block with his shield.

    I'm curious to see how they do with the Lost Sinner. Such a heavy and slow weapon is going to be painful to use in that fight.

      I did it first try with great club two handed only. I find that no boss is hard to defeat with a heavy weapon, it is normally the mobs that will do that dirty work when say my attack travels through a wall and has all the damage negated.

    Come back to me when he starts a One-Bro-Ladel run

    This clip isn't as impressive as it might seem. As stated above, there's clear advantages to going naked in boss fights, with many boss fights only one or two hits from death anyway.

    Totally over rated vid.

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