Watch An Australian Take On The Hardest Track In Trials Fusion...

Trials Fusion isn't out until April, but Australian super fan FatShady, who you might know as the Professor in his University Of Trials series, was given the chance to take the game through its paces at the Red Lynx offices in Helsinki. Watch him take on Inferno IV, the track FatShady claims is the hardest in the game.

A couple of things to take note of.

— FatShady is bloody amazing at Trials. — He makes this look easy. — It won't be easy. — Spoiler... obvs!

Basically, they don't call him Professor FatShady for nothing. He is an absolute beast at this game. He first showed me this video in the office and wanted to reassure everyone: this track is hard. It is super hard. He is just that awesome.

Hype building.


    "He... wanted to reassure everyone...He is just that awesome."

    Not a direct quote, but yeah I'll take it :)

    This game is shaping up to be incredible and I can't wait for April 16!

    Super mega hype!

      Shadeeeees, has it been announced if Fusion will have universal leaderboards? (the same leaderboards for all platforms)

        No , no universal boards at this stage according to the forums. They are trying to make track central universal, but it is obviously difficult. Leaderboards will be separate, but someone will set up a universal board somewhere I am sure

          Dang! It was great competing with everyone when Evolution came out on 360, but now it's going to be harder since it's multiplatform. Thanks for the answer though!

            Just use TAY & spoiler tags as an ad hoc leaderboard, at least it'll be a small break from dark souls talk.

              I just know I will be seeing a certain Fat Shady live disappearing into the distance on all my runs.... I bought an Xbox One pretty much to play Fusion, because I am obsessed with this stupid infuriating game.... I cannot see how they get all the detail into the 360 version as it just looks ridiculously nice and smooth on the PS4 and XB1...

      Gaaaah I hate you and your incredibly impressive skills!

      Nice one. At least there were faults, that makes me feel a little better.

      Did you get a chance to try it on multiple platforms? I was leaning towards getting it for PS4 when I get one but then I have the PC for it and a controller I already like...

        Ive played on PS4 and PC and they both feel and look the same from what I could tell. I used different screens and projectors and different controllers.. so not really an easy comparison, but yeah they all looked great. Xbox One also looked great but I didn't get to have any hands on time with them. 360 i didn't see so unfortunately I can't really comment.

    Dear lord.
    My butt cheeks are not prepared.

    He's got the mad skillz to pay for the flightz to Helsinki.

    Eh. I haven't watched the vid but I'm sure I could plat that with my eyes shut.

      Good that you didn't mention that you could play that AND WIN with your eyes shut. Very realistic appraisal of your abilities.

        Actually, I think he did - "plat" meaning platinum, not a typo for play.

          Ooooooh reading comprehension fail.

          I feel a fool

          Fortunately the fool rather enjoys that.

    Serious now. That's gonna feel amazing to finish. Is it getting a PC release at the same time?

      PC release is *I think* 24 April whereas console digital download is 16th April and I think a retail pack with a season pass is 18 April??? Not positive but yeah basically its all released at the same time.

      There is a Beta going on right now for PC. Follow me on twitter @FatShadyLive as I should have some Beta codes to give away.

        Man with connections..... That is almost worth getting a twitter account for (almost....) EJ says hi.

        I already follow you... Anyway they no good to me I'm in China for the next two months.

    Forget Dark Souls - THIS looks hard. :\

      After getting pretty far into DS1, yeah I can safely say I reckon Trials is way more challenging (and by extension infuriating). This makes me want to cry just watching it.

      Last edited 25/03/14 3:15 pm

    There seems to be a "team" option from what I have seen inside trials.... if so I think we need a group for all the Kotaku trials addicts..... Serrels to be team captain and Fat Shady the coach....

      I would join that, only if there's a montage of @fatshadylive trying to train everyone.

        And me sitting on the sidelines eating doritos.

          Mark: "You will never get these guys in-shape for the competition, they're hopeless!"
          @FatShadyLive "They may lack the skills now but there's one thing that they don't lack, and that's heart!"

          Every good team needs an inspirational leader, and doritos make everything better. Now this is not really a montage, but I reckon fatshady is the only reason I finally cleared those platinums on extreme. The guy takes inspirational teacher with style to a whole new level....... Got to love a good pipe.

    Go Shady you the man! Spoken to him a few times on xbox he is the nicest guy I've talked to always willing to help out and just talk about trials he got me into it

      Thanks appreciate that. Yeah I kinda enjoy the game and want others to so give me a podium and ill talk your ear off :)

    would love this to be added to the instant game collection on PS+

    I'm gonna make sure I 0f this on the first day. I want my medal (Anba promised)!

    Wowsers. Hey Shady you 'Gotz da mad skillz dat killz'. Ive played just one stage of trials and I necked myself on that. This shit is graft-2-arms-to-your-bloody-elbows material

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