Watch Dogs Has Different Stuff On Sony Platforms.

Watch Dogs is getting different stuff for PlayStation platforms. The exclusive content includes a different outfit for hero Aiden Pearce, extra missions and a hacking boost.


    Well, that sucks.

      ...Well. Not for PS4 owners. But for everyone else I can imagine it would totally suck to be denied access to an entire game because the console-maker paid for the other guy not to have it.

      Snark aside, it would be nice if the big boys could perhaps be a little less dickish to consumers in their war for the living room.

        I think exclusive games are fair enough. Exclusive platform content in multi platform games for no reason is annoying. Undecided if it sucks more than retailer exclusive content though.

      Umm... Watching that footage, I recognize it from missions I played on the xbox one... With no exclusive missions.. I had the cyberpunk pack, which is an outfit and a gun.... And the white leather jacket looks just like one that you can buy from clothing stores in game... From hacking npcs.. No real $ needed... This video is bullshit

    I hate this stuff. Store exclusives, pre-order exclusives, platform exclusives. It's such bullshit, no other medium would do this. "Extra chapter when you buy this book at Dymocks!"

    Just make the bloody game, make it well, and make it complete.

      So it's completely different to "bonus track when you buy this album on iTunes"?

        That's terrible as well...
        Worst part is they don't offer them as lossless files (as far as I am aware).

          Another example is the Hilltop Hoods last album, there was a JB Hi Fi exclusive CD release containing an extra track. If you bought it on iTunes, it came with a different bonus track.

          I'd actually be surprised if there has never been any retailer-exclusive editions of books. This kind of thing certainly seems to be more prevalent for games, but it isn't unheard of elsewhere.

            Bonus finale chapter, exclusive to Google Play Books!

    Console exclusive DLC is bollocks. It doesn't make me more likely to buy your console, it makes me more likely to hate you.

    I still hate Microsoft for paying EA not to give us second assault for 3 months.

      I don't see why you're mad at console makers, ultimately it's the game maker you should be peeved at they did it, even if they were paid to do so...

      This kind of "exclusive" content usually ends up making its way to other platforms eventually, though (although it may end up costing a few bucks as DLC rather than being given away free). It doesn't really bother me as much as something like MS paying EA to not give us Titanfall at all.

      Especially when you consider what that would have cost them - MS could probably have developed a new exclusive game of their own with that money. But instead of spending their money to make games, they spend it paying other people to NOT make games.

    I personally, am not overly concerned with console-exclusive costumes or car designs etc. I do however, hate it when exclusives actually alter the gameplay. Why should Playstation get exclusive missions and perks?

    That's like purchasing a new Holden when cars built by Ford are the only cars that get wheels.

      Well. Maybe not wheels. The car won't work without wheels. Watch Dogs will still work perfectly fine on the other platforms.

      Maybe say... cup-holders.

        Yes but, no cup-holders aren't nearly as dramatic as no wheels!

          Ahhh, a good analogy allows you to walk the line between hyperbolic drama and plausibility... Props for the laugh, though. :)

    All those years ago when 360 got The Lost & Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony.
    Oh, let the Blood run free (at least for 12-15 months).

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    Not at all surprised.


    But not surprised.

    This is not worse than Microsoft paying to keep entire games off other platforms.

      Neither means anything. Nothing wrong with having an exclusive title for your console and nothing wrong with having exclusive content IF it isn't a game changer. Big whoop, 4 extra missions and a cosmetic outfit.

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