Watch Dogs Will Not Be Censored In Australia

With the recent furore surrounding the recent reclassification of Watch Dogs in Australia from MA15+ to R18+, there was a slight worry: the classification decision noted the game was 'modified', which led some people to wonder: was Australia about to get a censored version of Watch Dogs?

But the reality is, in classification world, the word 'modified' can mean a lot of things, and actually rarely means that the version of the game being classified has been censored.

And now Jonathan Morin, the Creative Director on Watch Dogs has confirmed via Twitter that the Australian version of the game will not be censored. We will be able to buy the full, uncut version of the game at retail when it releases later this year.

Thanks Kyle!


    Doesn't "Modified" just mean "re-submitted"? I.e. in this case they added new content, so the submission was modified and the new content meant the modified submission was R18+?

      Correct. As far as I know, the only way you can get a game to be re-classified is if you make modifications to the originally classified package. (Such as making a GOTY edition, or adding new content)

      Probably, but that doesn't mean the possibility wasn't there - which, given history, people would be right to be suspicious of.

        You'd certainly be justified in assuming that, it's happened so many times before. Just be weird to have censorship occur when the game goes from MA to R18.

          Unless it was a truly delicious level of deviancy and filth which would intrigue us all!
          ...Or am I just projecting?

            Such deviance.
            Much filth.
            Watch Doge amaze.

    Well now I'm a little more excited for my super awesome hat edition.

    Looks like this will be my first R rated game then!

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