Watch What People Are Doing With Crytek's Fancy New Engine

Regardless of what you thought of Ryse, the consensus was that it was very, very pretty. That was partly a result of Crytek's fancy new next-generation engine. Now at GDC, Crytek has released some fancy videos showing what other developers have been doing with its technology.

Above is an overview of work from your major development teams, but below? That's what's being done with the CRYENGINE Free SDK used for non-commercial development. In a lot of ways I find what they've been creating far more interesting.

All very fancy looking stuff.


    Star citizen from just the hanger module is looking great. We are yet to see what flying looks like yet but it should look amazing. Deliverance look really good as well, I'm glad their crowd funding went well.

    Those free SDK projects actually look better than most games in the market now. Can't wait to see them finished.

      Umm.. Top video 0:44, Star Citizen flying...

        I think Wagzy means we're yet to see flying playable. The dog fighting module is due for release next month when backers will get access to flying and combat.

        Ah I mean personally see what it looks like, not from a video.

    The stuff on the lower feed looks far more interesting really.

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