We Need An 8-Bit Brawler With Adam Sandler

What an 8-Bit Brawler With Adam Sandler Would Look Like

While the sequel to River City Ransom is still in development, the folks behind the 8-bit Cinema series resurrected the classic NES beat 'em up for a crossover clip with Happy Gilmore, an Adam Sandler movie from 1996.

Such a weird combination of classic things.

Happy Gilmore - 8 Bit Cinema [CineFix, YouTube]


    We don't need an anything with Adam Sandler.

      Hey, Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are classics. He can keep the rest.

        Can we etch this in a giant stone, than place the stone on a moutain overlooking the city?

        what about Click? I thought Click was a pretty good movie, mainly because there was less Adam Sandler crazyness and more actual good storyline and acting.

    Haha, that wasn't too bad.

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