What An Honest Kickstarter Video Would Look Like

Something something we have no idea what we're doing something something but give us all your money and we'll probably never deliver on our promises. Also give us your money.

Obviously not all Kickstarters are miscalculated judgments and ideas, failures or straight up scams. Some have been incredibly exciting and successful. It's been a great platform for people trying to escape the contracts and obligations of partnering up with bigger corporations to get good ideas out there. It's given small voices a chance to stand out.

But if you've sifted through enough Kickstarter pages and video proposals, you've probably noticed a pattern with how their pitches are sculpted. And you've probably gotten a recurring impression from a lot of them that things might not go over as smoothly as the creators hope it to. As they often do. This video from omgchomp has just a little bit of fun with that.

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    Something something Anita, something something hasn't delivered.

      I *REALLY* have to admit, with all that money Sarkeesian got, those 3 goddamn videos she produced? I mean THREE?

      That's all she put out, THREE?

      A 'three part series'... seriously.

      I'm fully open to what she's saying and I am prepared to listen, to weigh up etc, but will make up my own mind of course. But in no way does anything that I saw justify the money she took for those videos. Nothing. Not a bit. So here, have an upvote, infact, have ten intended upvotes! Upvoted x 10!!!!

      Last edited 20/03/14 6:56 pm

        I'm not one to join the Anita hate, seriously.

        I do think the delivery schedule should have been roughly adhered to, though. "Other opportunities came up so I did them first" isn't really a valid position, and certainly wouldn't be acceptable for any other kickstarter.

        I dislike the situation that tot can't call someone out on that, though, without being labelled some kind of bigot. I doubly dislike that journalists that really promoted the pitch (worthy as it is) aren't asking hard questions about delivery.


        She only wanted about 10% of the money she got. It's 90% profit, with no obligation to make more vids. She delivered what was promised, as I understand it. Nothing more (which might have been nice), but certainly nothing less.

          I thought she promised a series of ten videos?

            Oh. To be honest, I don't remember. I'm happy to retract what I said if that's the case.

              Turns out it was twelve. Two have been delivered (one in three parts).

                It's been kind of ages since the last one too? I'm in no way accusing her of fraud. I have no clue of what her schedule is. But more transparency from her in this case would probably be a good idea I guess.

                  There's also that whole thing about her using art without permission, and not replying to the artist in-question's email.

    Should I just post my credit card details here?

    "And you’ve probably gotten a recurring impression from a lot of them that things might not go over as smoothly as the creators hope it to."

    You mean like literally everything in life?

    "Hey Jim, wanna be in our video?"
    "Sure man, that sounds fun."
    "Okay cool, we need an ugly guy to go on about how ugly he is."

      IKR?!? Felt bad for the guy.

        he's not even ugly. He's unkempt, but I've seen real ugly, and that's not ugly.

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