What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well friends, I finally finished off Dark Souls last weekend and guess what just landed on my desk yesterday.

Dark Souls II.

Escape is futile.

So yeah, I'm going to be playing that. I'd like to pretend to chuck some variety in there, maybe give the new South Park a try, which looks great. Or finally get started on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which I expect to love.

But Dark Souls II.


    Still have the final boss of DKC: Tropical Freeze.

    South park! Would like it if I could find controller support for the PC version though. (not that I've looked very hard for it at the moment...)

      +1 for southpark. On the 360 though. Great game. I hate jrpgs and I'm loving this.

      I plugged in my controller, moved the sticks and the onscreen icons swapped from keys to controller buttons. Its a 360 style controller you're using?

        Haha! Yep, I haven't really tried very hard yet, I've only had one play session of the game. I looked through the control menu and couldn't see it. I'm sure my controller was connected but I don't think I picked it up and twiddled the sticks! If my stupidity makes someone laugh then I've done a good days work! ;)


          Same happened to me. I installed above software, restarted my computer, plugged in my controller and presto!

      plug a controller in. Pick up controller. start playing game. really simple.

      Just picked this up yesterday plan to power through this weekend. I have just been doing side quests at the moment. so funny.

      I'm just watching the PewDiePie playthrough of South Park, it seems like a pretty linear, visually similar game no matter who plays it. Besides I can watch it and grind on animal crossing at the same time :P

      My 360 controller worked from the get go. Some of the uber cheap controllers don't get recognised.

    Sleeping until the end of the world in Lightning Returns so it will let me finish the game as well as finishing Bravely Default and then focusing on a Hall of Fame run (No encounters from a fresh start). I'll probably get some Dark Souls practice in too.

    I'm playing this little game called Life at the moment. It really sucks. It's not particularly fun right now, and it makes you want to play other games, but it has strict time limits for missions that have real world implications if you fail any of the missions or sidemissions :(

      I can never get the hang of the romance subplot

      or the quest to get a job

      or money

      Is there a walkthrough?

        Yes, there is a full guide here: oliveremberton.com/2014/life-is-a-game-this-is-your-strategy-guide/

      I thought the OFLC banned that due to questionable content.

    Maybe Banished, maybe some WoW, depends how much time I will have to have some me-time.

      Do you recommened Banished? I always keep thinking of playing wow again...But...its been a few weeks...and cant be bothered with progression nor levelling again.

        I haven't gotten around to play Banished, but the reviews are great and I like a good city builder/sim.
        As for WoW: I don't have time for raiding. I do a heroic or two, some LFR, but that's about it. The main reason why I play is - as pathetic as it may sound - is for pet battles. LOVE THEM!! The leveling bit is a bit old as well, got 3 90s and grinding more to 90 is just a pain.

          Too true. I've dome some raiding..but not a lot. Love pvp though. That's super fun!

    I have some Warmachine to battle and paint.

    I finished Kingdom of Amalur last weekend and been going through the DLC. Might finish that once and for all.
    Other then that, maybe finish that ODST playthrough.

    Going to set up my new PS4 so Fifa14 and AC Black flag

      Black Flag on the PS4 is very pleasant. I'm playing through that currently myself. Hope to get to sail the high seas this weekend...if my lady captain lets me. ;-)

    Had my first taste of Plants vs Zombies: GW yesterday and I was pretty happy with it. It's a bit of a ball ache levelling up characters, but will likely invest a solid 10-12 hours in it over the weekend.

      Out of question - are you playing on 360? If so, are there many people playing it?

        Xbone...and I've been pitted against a fair few yanks, but connection has always seemed pretty stable.

          Cheers. I want to get it, but not if the connections suck and it takes ages to get a game.

            I've been playing for the last week, and not once had a problem with connection or lag.

            Although the servers are going down for an hour sometime today for maintenance.

      Do yourself a favour and save your money for the more expensive sticker packs. So far I've got 15 skip challenge stickers.

        I've got 39,895 coins atm from my whole time playing! Very excited to buy the 40k pack later on haha.

          Haven't bought one of those yet, only been buying the 20,000 credit packs so far.

          What modes have you played, so far I've had q crack at Garden Ops, Team Vanqish, Mixed, and Gardens & Graveyards (my favourite).

            Same. I haven't tried the Classic versions of G&G and TV, but I'm not too fussed about them. I like Gardens & Graveyards too, but Garden Ops is fun and would be great if had a bunch of mates that actually work well together. I wish they'd include a Zombies version of Garden Ops where you defend from Plants as it's a handy way to level up specific characters.

            So far I like the Gridiron Zombie and Pea Shooter Plant the most, but need to spend more time on it.

    Going to stretch out South Park to tide me over to Souls release.

    South Park. Decided that since my brother is a huge fan of the show and couldn't play a game to save his life, I'm going to cap the entire thing and edit it into a movie for him.

    Hopefully also getting some time with a mate in DayZ & going on the hunt for the ever elusive M4, with any luck this time when I find one I won't get glitched off the top of an air traffic control tower when trying to use a ladder. I swear just because my character is female with dark hair, she thought she was Faith, I said use the ladder, she said 'fuck that' & tried to parkour off the roof. She didn't win any awards for the landing...

    Last edited 07/03/14 11:36 am

    Trying to finish my shame pile but I'm just stuck in a habit of playing CoD all the time. I feel like a 15 year old boy.

    All this recent talk of Dark Souls has motivated me to give it a crack (never played it or Demon Souls). Downloaded it last night, ready to get my arse handed to me.

    Battlefield 4: Second Assault on PS4, need to teach those annoying dudebros who insist on using team-speak to complain about lag the meaning of pain. Otherwise I'm having an 8-person LAN night on Saturday night to play ARTEMIS, Starcraft 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront. May try and squeeze in Wind Waker HD or Senran Kagura.

      I sure do miss a good LAN night :(

    South Park, and then probably back to Skyrim. Encountered a few weird bugs in South Park so far, including a weird glitch that seemed to corrupt all text in the game (including the title screen), but so far nothing that a restart hasn't solved. Also having trouble figuring out how the save system works - sometimes it saves everything, other times it saves just the last checkpoint, even if you've changed your equipment and moved on since the last checkpoint. I think the former only happens in town, but more testing is required.

    And so passes another weekend where AC4 goes unfinished...

    Still working through my pile of shame on PS3... Last Of Us, Farcry 3, GTA V, AC4, as well as the usual sports fix in College Hoops 2k8 and NBA 2k13

    Thief on PS4, Give the latest D3 patch a go and get prepped for the expansion in a few weeks. Chase down Zapdos and Mewtwo in pokemon Y, and probably restart Crysis (years later, still cannot get enough of this franchise *excluding warhead*) >_>


    I'm surprised there's no mention of Path of Exile because of the mini expac. I realise it's not to eveyrones fancy, but i would have though 1 or 2 people would have mentioned it by now. Oh well that leaves me to be the first!

    Path of Exile.

    Last edited 07/03/14 12:30 pm

    Lara croft.........it was free from PS plus this month.

    I will be playing various games on my vita and 3DS while I am on a plane to Melbourne is Sunday.

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