What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dark Souls II. I will be playing Dark Souls II. Don't act like you're not surprised.

But you know what just arrived on my desk? inFamous: Second Son. That is a game that looks quite tempting. Also, it's been a while since I turned on my PlayStation 4. I need a reason to turn that thing on.

And you know what else is cool? Luftrausers. Apparently.

I say 'apparently' because I haven't tried it out yet. I does, however, look like it's right up my alley.

So yeah, those will be the games I'll hopefully get round to checking out this weekend. But let's be realistic here: I'm just going to play Dark Souls II.


    Well I got myself a copy of Infamous... but I'll most likely be playing Dark Souls 2 all weekend.

    InFamous. Backup plan is Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the PC if the TV is unavailable.

    inFamous if I pick it up tomorrow.

    Or else I'll try to finish DKC:TF

    Titanfall, I got it for $40 and its fun as hell

      Where you get for $40? PC or Xbone?

        PC - Used a proxy to go on the Mexican Origin store where it is priced for less

      I'm hoping the 360 version (port?) does the other versions justice... Haven't got a One yet but it definitely seems like the kind of game that would lend itself to couch-based multiplayer.

      Standby for more Titanfall!

      Got it for $34 on PC ;)

      Definitely a lot of fun, just wish you could customize your mechs with war paint or something....

    Infamous, in all likelihood. Some Dark Souls (giving it another crack before DS2 in a few weeks), trying to get past O&S (might have to summon some help). And Rocksmith, which I have been too tired to be able to enjoy this week. Regular crashes after five minutes in session mode haven't helped, especially when the game is tasking me with playing for 20 minutes in that mode, which gets reset after every crash. Seems to have resolved after applying Windows' updates, tho, in case anyone else is experiencing this.

    Dark Souls-ish. FINALLY finished a couple of nights ago \|T|/ . So now I'm running through NG+ as a greatest hits of sorts. Yeah, take *that* Capra Demon. Screw you, Sif! Not so tough now Smough! etc.

    But now that I'm finally free I might play something like DK Tropical Freeze, that I bought weeks ago but haven't taken out of the case yet.

    Ill be smashing out some sub-30 ms Diablo 3 :oD
    Then study

    Zelda link between worlds. Might buy infamous second son

    I'm out mountain biking with my wife for the most part. However, if I get a chance I'll get some gameage in, I'm flip flopping between Black Flag, Outlast, Metro Last Light and Borderlands 2.

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    I was starting to get a bit fed up with Dark Souls II, but now I've changed my technique, and I've levelled up a bit more I'm actually finding it a lot easier. Finally figured out that it helps to use your shield, and back off sometimes rather than just run around swinging recklessly at anything that moves (took me long enough).

    So yeah, more Dark Souls II, and maybe some PvZ:GW and/or Titanfall on Xbone (if I decide to pick up a copy).

      I decided to go dual wielding this time. Haven't used a shield at all.

        Was so tempted to go dual-wield, but ended up going with the Knight as (I think) it had the highest starting HP.

        Edit: Geez I'm stoopid! just realized as soon as I hit "submit" that any class can dual-wield.


        I need more coffee.

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          My HP stat is still set at 5. I haven't felt the need to increase it.

      You learn that... then you end up level hundred and something with tanky armour, health and stamina and unlearn all of it again. Then get schooled by a bunch of low-level zombies :)

    Not MGS: Ground Zeroes.

    Probably Infamous: SS but who am I kidding, it will really be Dark Souls 2.

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      I've been checking the xbox every night for MGS: Ground Zeroes, but they must be pushing it back to retail release or 27th :'(

        Yeah the digital release on PSN has been pushed back to match the retail release, i understand them no wanting to rip off retailer sales but seriously!

    eve online!!!!

    nom nom nom....

    Mainly Titanfall, but will also try out that new Plants vs Zombies update.

    Sigh, the WoD preorder 90 boost sucked me into WoW again.

    I'll be trudging through dark souls 2 trying to scrounge enough souls from the starting areas to get the evil eye ring ... I want my slivers of health for killing things also looking out for the glitch that's been tormenting my housemate where his characters randomly changed gender. Other than that having to use the housemates car on the weekend to pick up the new tv that got delivered to work. I finally get to use an led tv. woot

      He didn't hop in the coffin thingy in the the starter area did he? Because that changes your gender each time you do it.

      Its not a glitch. The coffin in the training area will change your gender in you hop in.

    I'm tossing up whether to get Infamous, going to see if I can get someone to price match the DSE online price of $64.98, if successful, then possibly...

    If not, then I really should actually play some of the other games I have for the PS4. Each of which I really haven't cracked properly since I got the PS4 last year.

    Otherwise, Danganronpa School Mode, which was nice the first time... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... filling out the remaining profile and also endings is a bit of a chore...

      I think that's their in-store price as well now, so it should be easier to price match.

        Yeah, can confirm its their in-store price. Picked it up this morning.

    inFamous, Ground Zeroes, Psychonauts and Toukiden!

    oh and Final Fantasy X HD (I keep forgetting I have it :P)

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      How did you get ground zeroes??

        Just made a US PSN account and bought it from there :P

          hmmm tempting... can you do that on a PS4 that already has an Australian PSN as the primary account?

            I think it's the other way around. You don't choose an account as the main account for the console, instead you choose a console as the main console for an account (so multiple accounts can have the same PS4 as their main console)

            I've got my normal AU account on my PS4, so I just made a new US PSN user and set my PS4 as the main console for that account and I was able to play purchased stuff from it using my main AU account.

            I just bought PSN credit from Amazon and used it on the US account. You'll need a US address for it though, real or fake :P

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    Tomorrow I'm going to the circus and then doing cleaning in order to have friends over. We'll probably give them a crack at Titanfall and/or Garden Warfare if they're interested, otherwise I don't expect to do a lot of gaming until my annual leave kicks off on Monday.

    Stuff I want to try and get to over the next week:
    - Broken Age Part 1
    - Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    - Assassin's Creed 3
    - inFamous 1 & 2
    - X-Com (now that I've got the Enemy Within expansion)
    - stuff I've gotten from recent Humble Bundles/GOG

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    I'm continuing my attempt at a Hall of Fame speedrun in Bravely Default and trying to figure out where to go next in Dark Souls II. Three bosses down but I have some ideas about where I can try.

    METAL GEAR- gonna try knock off Peace Walker & GZ

    and a bunch of board games.

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