What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll give you two guesses what I'm playing. Dear God I'm so boring and predictable. What are you guys and girls playing?

So yes, I'll most likely be continuing to play Dark Souls II. That's pretty obvious. But I also feel as though I should really turn on my PS Vita at some point during the weekend and download Luftrausers. I meant to do that lastweekend but couldn't be bothered with the hassle of charging the thing. Pathetic.

Not just Luftrausers, but I'm really keen to play Fez on the PS Vita as well. I played a huge chunk of this game on my Xbox 360 but never got round to finishing it. This is like a decent second chance to fall in love with this game all over again.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Dark Souls 2. Starting to make a good bit of progress now.

    Dark Souls 2, iRacing, Assetto Corsa. Fantastic.

      +1. Don't see many other Iracers posting here. If you're in the GT3 or SRF series, you'll probably see me

        Indeed mate, we're a rare breed. You'll find me in the Indycar 99% of the time, though I jump in and out of various cars all the time. Nothing better than iRacing.

    Probably Kingdoms of amalamadingdong with the wife
    If I get some solo gaming time I don't know if I'll finish something I've currently got on the go or finally get around to starting Deus Ex:HR director cut

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      I hope you're happy with 100 hours of gameplay that doesn't repeat.


    Can second Luftrausers, I wasn't going to end up buying it, but I heard plenty of positive comments.

    Perfect game to fill in a few minutes here and there, even though I say this, it ended up more like an hour or more last night. Unfairly tough at times, but I just keep trying to improve my score and complete missions.

    Then you have SFMT mode, and you realise the normal game is quite easy!

    Will also be playing FEZ (first time through) and I swear I need to put in some Infamous time also.

    More Titanfall. So addicted. Anyone having issues with the aussie server? like its not there anymore?

    I'll be screaming at spiders in Dark Souls II and also playing Four Warriors of Light. I might also check out Destiny of Spirits.

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    If DickSmtih hadn't sold my preorder for Infamous: Second Son I'd say that but considering they DID sell my preorder I'll probably be playing Stick of Truth again

      What? Nice one Dick Smith.

      I bought my copy of Infamous from JB, so at least I'll be able to play knowing it wasn't me that bought your pre-order ;)

      By the way, it's awesome!

        Yeah its pathetic isn't it, I have complained in store and to their customer service without any real apology or care in the world. I am done with them, preordered with them as they had the put 10 down for an extra 10 off deal but just an amateur operation, but really I already knew that.

      You aren't really missing out on much, in my opinion. Gameplay and visuals are great, but the story (so far - haven't finished it yet) is a real let down.
      For instance, the main villain, Constance, is just that: a villain. She's meant to be protecting the citizens from "bio-terrorists", yet she and her minions are worse. For a game that's meant to focus heavily on the decisions you make, they're incredibly black and white. I'm hoping that later in the game, they at least attempt to give her some humanity, but so far it's pretty straight cut, no grey areas.

        Disappointing to hear so many so so reviews of the story, but I am seriously looking forward to the gameplay and visuals - it looks stunning.

        Maybe I will pick up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition saw it on my PSN for $40 last night on sale till the 01/04 seems like a good deal.

        If the gameplay and visuals are great, shouldn't that be enough to reccomend it to someone?
        Not sure if you will be completely satisfied but by the end of the game you do get a nice look into her back story. They played the story pretty safe in my opinion but it's better than it being convoluted.

          Sometimes, yeah. Minecraft has no story and some horrible graphics, but does well on gameplay alone. So do a lot of exploration games, Proteus comes to mind. No real story, but still recommendable. But these are indie games without a big budget behind them. And they don't have innumerable, un-skippable cutscenes. Infamous is heavily centred around its story, and with such a heavy focus, I was expecting a bit more depth. I just can't connect with the characters, and for a such a big release, it's a disappointment. That doesn't mean I won't play it to the finish, and I'll likely go through another playthrough as a jerk, but I will warn people that the, in my opinion, story is lacking for such a big game (the only game I felt was going to be worthwhile buying a PS4 so far)

          Saying all that, it is an incredibly nice looking game, so that's a definite plus

            You make some good points! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a graphics snob, it's usually the last thing I look for in a game. This game does look amazing though.

            I agree with you on expecting more depth, especially considering the game series is all ready established. Like I said before, it feels like they are playing it safe for this first game on the PS4. Maybe they did this thinking there would be a lot of people experiencing an Infamous game for the first time? I think Deslin is the only character that I genuinely care about. The awesome voice acting might have to do with that..
            Here's hoping the next one in the series steps it up in the story department!

    Diablo III. Reaper of Souls has well and truly sucked me back in. Act V was quite good. Light on story but great aesthetics. Blizzard definitely listened to fan complaints about D3 not being 'dark' enough. The new Crusader class is heaps of fun. Gotta get my Barbarian to Lvl 70 then continue with my Crusader.

    The new adventure mode is quite good. Puts a new spin on some old places and trims the fat when replaying just for loot and levels.

      I've been pumping so much stupid amounts of time into D3 ROS. It's what D3 should have been to begin with.

    Just to be different from everyone else: Diablo 3.

    My net is capped because I reinstalled the game and it's actually still playable despite the frequent packet loss. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Dark Souls 2 which I can't even patch.

      On the plus side you cant be murdered in DS2 while offline :D

        Can't be summoned in to help people with boss fights either.

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

    and maybe some Final Fantasy X HD

    heading to Canberra tomorrow to game all day at Capital LAN, anyone in the area should come along :)

    So much to play!
    -Infamous ss
    -south park
    -metro last light

    Life is tough!

    Been waiting for this thread,
    I will be playing

    Another one for DIII. Haven't purchased RoS but have been playing a bit this week to check out the new changes and loving it. They have finally listened to their customers and delivered what we should have had in the first place. Really great fun playing. So this weekend I may grab RoS or just continue to build up some new characters. Will see how we go.

      Adventure mode is by far the biggest change to the game.

      Instead of having segmented little quests where you have to endure the horrible plot over and over and over again, you get access to the entire game and are given bounties. Bounties are generally along the lines of "kill this unique enemy" or "clear this dungeon". Much more interesting. Much more varied. Quite simply, it is what Diablo should be.

      If you're getting into things again, the expansion is worth it for that alone. The additional act is also much better than the stuff from the base game, although the bosses all tend to have a bullet hell element to them.

        Yeah read a bit about the adventure mode and it sounds like an excellent addition.
        Good to know RoS is worth it and will probably pick it up this weekend.
        I restarted a Monk and I didn't realise that even the skills are somewhat different. Really finding it fun to play with some of the new skills.
        And yeah not much they can do with the story unfortunately. It really was terrible.
        But other then that it has been a great change so far,

        I actually love the D3 bosses as they feel more like what bosses were in D2 and D1, because of that bullet hell/run at you and attack, sort of mechanic. Rather than the forced/structured battle types.

    Probably Infamous: Second Son, FFXHD and Dragon Age 2.

      I finished dragon Age II last night. It gets better every time. The companions are what makes it shine. Now I want to find my DA origins disk and play that again.

    Having about 10-12 people over tomorrow night for Nintendo Land/group Outlast session. Not sure how well jump scares will work with that many people.

    but the rest of the time Dark Souls 2! I'm amazed that I'm actually progressing, finally defeated The Last Giant and now onto the Pursuer once I get hold of the ring of binding and don't die so friggin' much. Otherwise I'll probably grit my teeth waiting for my bandwith to be unshaped at the end of the month so I can play lag-free battlefield 4 again.

    Mostly Warmachine. Have a League to finish and an event to attend to. Hopefully the attendants don't piss me off this time.

    Can't really play games, my roommate decided that since he was moving out that I didn't need the internet half way through the month.

    Wildstar + DotA2 and when early access goes live Sunday night ESO :D

    Final Fantasy X and if i get bored of that Infamous Second Son

    Second Son
    Dead Souls 2
    The Witch and The Hundred Knight
    (possibly) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero
    (Possibly) Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

    Final Fantasy X HD - god that game is bringing back some amazing memories. i get a shiver everytime i play it.

    inFamous Second Son. Hoping to at least finish my first playthrough on good so that I can begin my second on evil.

      Just finished my good playthrough the other night and have fired up a new playthrough as evil! Can't wait to get further into it as I only go to the first karma choice and haven't played since. Biggest let down for me about the game.. WHY FOR CAN'T WE SKIP CUTSCENES!!??

    Titanfall. Maybe Crusader Kings II, for those times my wife is playing Titanfall.

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