What Happens After Superman Stops Being A Superhero

What Happens After Superman Stops Being a Superhero

Does the Man of Steel do more good as a saviour swooping down from the sky or as a reporter exposing the evils of the world? Resignation is a talky, philosophical Superman fan film by production house The Shadow Gang that finds a combat photojournalist named Clark struggling to reconcile his decision to not intervene in life-or-death situations. He talks about it with another dude, who — as far as I can tell — is just a normal human.

Now, it's hard to watch a version of Superman that doesn't do something when someone's survival is at risk . But the most interesting thing about Resignation is the idea hanging there in its negative space: what did Superman endure that made him stop wanting to fly? Something to do with Lois, probably. It's almost always something to do with Lois, right?


    Excellent, just excellent, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Wow, that was powerful. And didn't try to spin any crap, was a blunt as real life itself.

    If they really need to reboot Superman again in future, start here. Start it here.

    It's called Whatever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow, Alan Moore wrote it in the '80s.

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