What Is The Time Signature Of Brad Fiedel's Original Terminator Theme?

Maybe you can tell by counting it out (123-123-123-12-12), but that doesn't make this in-depth investigation at Slate any less enjoyable.


    That is quite an amazing story through the link, especially once you reach the meat of the article on the second page.
    I find it rather odd that Kirk, who is a musician himself, did not elucidate further on the time signature or the rhythm for people who aren't so interested in clicking through (do it, read about interesting things), so here goes:
    The time signature is 13/16, the rhythm is grouped 3-3-2-2 (as pointed out by Kirk), or to go further s-e-s-e-s-e-e-e (where 's' is a sixteenth note and 'e' is an eighth note); creating the characteristic dundun dundun dundun dun dun (and kind of cool, the pulse rhythm has an accent on the last note in the bar while the percussion that kicks in halfway through the song has an accented first note).

    Now go read the article about how this neat time signature happened.

    3 dotted quavers followed by 2 standard quavers, 13/16 for sure

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