What's A Fourth-Person Game? Apparently, This Is

You got your first-person games. You got your third-person games. And now, if you own a PS4 or a Vita, you'll be getting a fourth-person game.

Last time we checked in on Pavilion , all we had were descriptions and words to try and figure out what dev studio VisionTrick Media meant by fourth-person. But now we've got video of the game in action and it seems… a little clearer? Here's what the developers had to say on the PlayStation Blog:

Let's talk a little bit about the term "fourth-person," which is something we've used over the past year to describe the way you interact with the main character. Basically, the character is not your avatar and you are not in control of him. Instead, you have to find different ways — mostly through environmental interaction — to guide, influence or even force him to explore and fulfil the purpose of the world. This indirect control is what we refer to when we say fourth-person.

I imagine it might be a little bit like Echochrome with more involved manipulation of a level's geometry. But who knows? Well see what the deal is when Pavilion comes out later this year.


    So... would Lemmings be considered a fourth-person game?

      No, because you control them directly.

      If you were directly creating/destroying/modifying the terrain to make them walk a certain way, then it would be fourth-person....

        so...lemmings, right?

          Third person omniscient. You don't control them directly, you have the ability to see and interact with multiple personalities at once but not in a direct manner. Fourth person is a marketing tool. Nothing more.

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    i think this should be second person

    I still want a 2nd person shooter a la CoD where you play as the infinite hordes of enemies constantly respawning from a fixed location, fighting in vain against the unstoppable force of the hero(es).

    Yeah, the devs don't know what that term means because interaction with a separate entity is not the 'fourth person'.

    This contains elements of secondary and also this would be more akin to a third person limited viewpoint as it deals only with a single characters viewpoint. However if multiple can be followed or explored it may be third person omniscient. Sorry but it is not 'fourth'.

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    That's still "they are", regardless of the type of interaction.

    It looks rather gorgeous, regardless.

    I wanna see a second person one.

      I think The Stanley Parable nearly qualifies, if the narrator simply said you and your instead of Stanley and he/his it would probably count

    1ST PERSON: I Am
    2ND PERSON: You Are
    3RD PERSON: They Are
    4TH PERSON: Marketing Bollocks (but it's on a next gen console so just add one, it reminds me of the Spinal Tap amp that goes up to 11)

    If its not you looking out or someone talking directly to you, it's third person. That's it.

    The only way '4th person' can be a thing is if using the term in a non-narrative framework sense, for example if 3 people are in a room and another one comes in.

      Indeed, this 'fourth person' is infact being mistaken for third person omniscient/third person limited. There is no such accepted thing at this point in time in literary circles as 'fourth person'.

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        Well the definition of 3rd person is pretty much "everything else" so unless they change that too, there never can be.

        It's just a different person

    Game looks boring, This will probably the first and last time I'll ever hear about it.

    So Pipe Dream, Populous, Ghost Trick and Eets are fourth person games? Of course not, there's no such thing.

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