There’s Not Much To Infamous: Second Son’s 333MB Update

There’s Not Much To Infamous: Second Son’s 333MB Update

Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son is a bit of alright. If you’ve been playing it religiously, you may have noticed a patch was released recently for the game, bringing it to v1.02. Seeing as it weighs in at 333MB, one has to wonder what it contains. Excitement? More excitement? It’s neither of these, sadly.

Turns out the update is focused on fixing localisation issues and helping “paper trail a bit”, as Sucker Punch’s official Twitter account explains. On the bright side, the developer is looking to add a framerate limiting option, which should help with uneven performance and stuttering:

The game does have a few minor glitches, but nothing that should kill the average player’s experience.

@SuckerPunchProd [Twitter, via GearNuke]


  • Asides some minor framerate issues (it’s nothing gamebreaking, but the final boss did almost grind to a halt at one stage?) I’ve personally found the game to be relatively bug free?

    • I had absolutely no issues on my first play through. Started an evil play through the other night and Deslin got stuck in the roof of a building somehow.. Didn’t bother me to much though, just reloaded my game and all has been sweet since. Love this game!!

      • lol funnily enough just after I typed this, I smoke warped into a building and his head got stuck! lol

      • Interesting – my first play through was good karma/hero, and I barely noticed any frame rate drops or issues.

        I’ve started my second play through as evil, and this time round I’ve noticed some more stuttering and a few glitches (got stuck in a garbage bin and somehow ended up in the water, under a building in the middle of the city).

        • Hmm would appear they are trying to tell us good campaign is cannon perhaps??

  • Doesn’t sound too abnormal, because there’s not much to Infamous: Second Son itself either! 😛

  • Meh the frame rate is not much of a problem. The only place you get nice frame rate is high up the roof. Which is perfectly fine since I fly or neon between roofs. It never drops below 30 anyway.

  • ive not noticed any framerate loss at all in fact mine stays at a solid 30fps sometimes id say it has stayed comfprtable at 45 for long periods of time even when doing an endless neon run, which has the most particle effects of any travel mode.

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