While You Were Sleeping

Morning friends. Monday morning it is here. The video game world continues to spiral into madness and spit out morsels of news for our sleepy consumption. This is what you might have missed while you were snoozing.

I've had some fairly emotional reactions to fictional video games characters. Like, I've cared about them more than I have some real life people. Why is that? This video attempts to explain why.

And speaking of our stupid fleshy brains and the tricks they pull on us, this is why Candy Crush works, or why it gets people into the habit of playing it over and over again!

What else? Well, Sony is selling its Tokyo headquarters, you can now eat Tetris blocks in Japan (in the form of tasty, tasty gummy snacks) and these are the video game people you should be following on Twitter.

In Short Sony Selling Its Tokyo Headquarters Tetris Reborn As A Chewy Japanese Gummy Snack Why We Care About Video Games Characters How Candy Crush Tricks The Brain The Video Game People You Should Be Following On Twitter


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