While You Were Sleeping

Morning all, welcome to While You Were Sleeping. A lot of big news coming in overnight — what did you miss?

The major announcement was this: Rocksteady's new game. Many thought it might be a new IP, or another superhero adaptation. It's not. It's a new Batman game. It's exclusively next generation and it looks pretty amazing. It's called Batman: Arkham Knight. You have to check this out.

We also have our review for the long awaited South Park game from Obsidian. What did the US think of the game? Head here to find out.

Check out some of Thief's most gorgeous art, watch Blizzard play the upcoming Heroes of the Storm. Finally — these business cards actually play Tetris. You'll never be unemployed again.

In Short The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight South Park: The Stick Of Truth: The Kotaku Review Watch Blizzard Developers Play The Upcoming Heroes Of The Storm The Very Sneaky Art Of Thief Business Card Plays Tetris, Never Be Unemployed Again


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