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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping and welcome to a brand new working week! How's it going everybody? Feeling rested? Time to get to the news you might have missed over the weekend.

Video games, as you are probably well aware, get a pretty bad rap. So it's good to have a few positive facts about video games up your sleeve next time someone tells you they're a waste of time/rotting your brain/etc. This is a cool video about how video games can actually teach you life lessons.

And video games are complicated things. Creating a game is a delicate, massively intensive process. This is a series of stats from the development of Broken Age that completely cement that idea. Games are hard to make.

Apparently these are the top 10 worst game consoles ever made, Titanfall has a massive day one update and I'm not even close to being surprised. Finally, this is a talk with some surprisingly real talk from a top man at EA. Worth checking out.

In Short Surprisingly Real Talk From A Top Man At EA Video Games Can Teach You Life Lessons These May Be The 10 Worst Game Consoles Ever How Much Stuff Goes Into A Video Game Looks Like Titanfalls Day One Update On Xbox One Is 840MB


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