While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Which, in my case is more like 'Why Am I Not Sleeping', since I stayed up a good portion of the night totally thinking about the True Detective finale.

Anyway, news.

Not too much going on to be perfectly honest. Speaking of True Detective, it turns out the show's director actually made a PlayStation commercial. One of the good ones.

And while we're on the topic of Sony, why the hell is Shuhei Yoshida voicing an Owl on a Japanese TV show. Some things in this life I'll never understand.

What else? Well these are the building blocks of BioShock Infinite. These are LEGO blocks of an actual functioning LEGO keyboard. And finally — looks like PS3 box art is about to start looking like PS4 box art.

In Short Sony Video Game Exec Makes The Leap To Owl Noises The Building Blocks Of BioShock Infinite The Time True Detective's Director Made A PlayStation Commercial PS3 Game Box Art Will Soon Look Like PS4 Box Art LEGO Keyboard Actually Works As Real Keyboard


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