While You Were Sleeping

How are you all on this fine-ish Wednesday morning? How are you all doing? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Here is some news [throws news at everyone].

You probably didn't miss this, since it's been stuck to the top of our page all night, but our Dark Souls II review is up. I finally got the chance to play an hour or so last night. Sleepless nights are back baby!

And considering I've been playing games for a long time, and have gone through a fair amount of gaming funks in my life, I found this article to be quite useful. It's a guide to navigating the 'funk' and coming out the other side still interested in video games.

DriveClub might take a little longer than you might have initially expected Looks like that tune-up may have elevated itself into something a little more fundamental.This is Super Mario Bros. on four different computer monitors and there's an ad for Minecraft in the new South Park game!

In Short Dark Souls II: The Kotaku Review How To Get Out Of A Gaming Funk Super Mario Bros. On Four Computer Monitors If You're Hanging Out For DriveClub It Might Be A While Dayshot: The Minecraft Ad In South Park The Stick Of Truth


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