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Meet the man who has more YouTube subscribers than Rihanna and Justin Bieber. And all from just playing video games. PewDiePie is an interesting dude and the world of gaming is evolving in strange new directions.

I can't believe that my all-time favourite iOS game has just turned five years old. Congratulations to Lima Sky and congratulations to Doodle Jump. In a weird way it feels like the game has been around for longer, considering its influence and the power of mobile gaming.

This is an indie shooter inspired by badass Battlefield GIFs, one brilliant human being plans to build a 300 foot water slide, and this is the latest Street Fighter IV character.

In Short This Weekend Marks The 5th Birthday Of One Of The Most Popular Titles In Mobile Gaming History Help A Man Build A 300 Foot Water Slide In The Middle Of A Road The Newest Street Fighter Character Is... Indie Shooter Inspired By Badass Battlefield GIFs One Gamer Has More YouTube Subscribers Than Rihanna And Bieber


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