While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! How are we all on this fine Wednesday morning? Here are some of the news stories you might have missed while you were snoozing.

Cosmo Wright already held the record for totally speed running Zelda but it seems like he's just gone and broken his own record. Head here to watch him do his thing.

Titanfall is a big deal. Right this very second it's carrying the torch for next gen gaming in a way. But what if it was carrying the torch for a previous generation. Like the SNES/Megadrive/Neo Geo generation? What would it look like then? This is 30 Pixels To Titanfall — check it out!

How do you feel like watching an angry white man lambast Chinese gamers in fluent mandarin? That sounds sort of terrifying.

Even more terrifying is this horror short. Be thankful you're watching it with the benefit of daylight.

And finally, these are the most baddass weapons in Final Fantasy.

In Short 30 Pixels To Titanfall Horror Short Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On Forever The Fastest Ocarina Of Time Player Beat His Own World Record The Most Badass Weapons In Final Fantasy Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers


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