While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping where we round up the news coming in overnight. I've at home today and have a screaming child next to me, how's your day so far?

Today is basically a While You Were Sleeping brought to you by weird stuff from Japan.

Like these Japanese Star Wars book covers. They look awesome! Or this modded WaLuigi that reimagines him as topless, completely ripped superdude. I think this is a more realistic look for him.

And speaking of realistic, here are the characters from Star Fox reimagined in a somewhat realistic art style. I love it. I would also like a reimagined game. When are we going to see Star Fox again?

What else? Well I've really been enjoying this retrospective series on Cowboy Bebop, and this is the update about the Xbox One's upcoming update. Good to get an idea of what's coming.

In Short Ripped, Modded Waluigi Thrashes The Competition In Smash Bros Here's Fox McCloud And Falco From Star Fox Reimagined Japanese Star Wars Book Covers Are Awesome Cowboy Bebop The Movie Is At Its Best When It Connects To The Series The Xbox One Improves A Little Bit More Next Month


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