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[Insert cliche about hating Monday mornings here]. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping! Get yer news! Git yer vidyergame news! Roll up roll up!

DirectX 12. It's here. What does it mean? What's the go? Our Weekend Editor Logan Booker has put it all together because he know about these things. This is everything you need to kow about DirectX 12.

Well this is interesting: a man from Queensland is totally being accused of hacking League of Legends games and selling the data for big bucks. Find out more about the case here.

What if Robin Hood starred in Metal Gear? What would that look like. We're guessing it might look a little bit like this.

And finally, this is 13 years of Halo nostalgia in six perfect posters and this is BioShock art with an incredible glow in the dark secret.

In Short What You Need To Know About DirectX 12 BioShock Art With A Glow In The Dark Secret 13 Years Of Halo Nostalgia In Six Perfect Posters Man Accused Of Hacking League Of Legends, Selling Data For Big Bucks If Robin Hood Starred In Metal Gear


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