While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! 'Thursday already?' is what I always seemingly say when I wake up on a Thursday morning and wonder where the week has gone. Time for the news! What did you miss?

Nothing that important, to be completely honest! My favourite news story coming in overnight is this one: the story of one cop who was arrested for allegedly stealing another cop's handheld gaming system. This is like a really bad episode of The Wire. McNulty steals Bunk's PlayStation? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Insomniac just celebrated its 20 year anniversary and, in this market, that's a pretty stellar achievement. Watch the team celebrate through the power of song.

This is one of Diablo III's not-so-smart bosses in a nutshell, this is a cool new trailer for my most anticipated game of the year, Trials Fusion. This is some really good advice that Dhalsim actually needs to listen to.

In Short One Of Diablo III's Not-So-Smart Bosses In A Nutshell Indie Game Studio Survives 20 Years, Makes A Wild Video About It Check Out The New Trick System In Trials Fusion Street Fighter's Dhalsim Should Lose Those Baby Skulls


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