While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. It is Friday and by golly I am tired. I say 'by golly' now. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we round up the news in a concise fashion. Let's boogie.

I've been surrounded by so much video game tat for the last decade of my life that I've sort of become numb to it, completely resistant to its charms, but every now and then something incredible is made. This is one of those moments. Behold: a power glove oven mitt. It's so bad. I actually need a pair of oven gloves!

Hey, there's some Sonic in my Zelda or rather there's some Zelda in my Sonic. This is a crossover that operates as DLC for a Sonic game. Who would have thought, eh?

These are the commandments of playing online shooters, this post illustrates the little-known fact that most cats are actually Bane. Finally: how will people view video games from the distant future?

In Short Most Cats Are Basically Bane I Love This Power Glove Oven Mitt, It's So Bad I Can't Stop Laughing At SEGA's Sonic/Zelda Crossover The Commandments Of Playing Online Shooters The Video Game Of Today Viewed From The Future


    By golly isn't a bad one. I've taken to using 'crumbs' as my go-to epithet in the workplace - as used by Penfold in Danger Mouse.

    And I thought I was going to wake up to the headlines that said I'd FINALLY beaten Dark Souls! Now my days of playing until 2am are over.

    Wait.... There's a second one? *cries*

    Is the Dark Souls 2 Diary coming back next week Mark? Hope your eyes are recovering well.

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