Who Should Have Been Street Fighter's Latest Character?

You can't please everyone, especially on the internet, so the people at OutsideXbox have offered up 9 suggestions for characters that should have been the latest addition to Ultra Street Fighter IV, instead of "Cammy with a mask".

I'm not a big Street Fighter fan, so I didn't have any strong feelings on this issue... until I saw the suggestion that another choice could have been Skullomania. HIS NAME IS SKULLOMANIA. I really don't understand how he could possibly not be the first choice. Failing that, I definitely want to know some more about Mack the Knife, who the video describes as "an alien mummy from outer space", who also wears a backwards baseball cap.

At this point, I'm questioning why these guys aren't in every game, not just Street Fighter.

9 Street Fighter Characters Better Than Decapre [YouTube]


    Skullomania would've been a great choice. Definitely one of my favourites.

    Absolutely agree with the comments that decapre was a lame addition to the latest expansion. Sure she'll play a little different to cammy but her move list doesn't look awfully different and physically she IS just cammy with a mask.

    Great video!

    All of these characters would be better than Decapre. Alex, Twelve, Gill, Oro, Rainbow Mika, Sodom, Birdie, Haggar, Juni, Necro, Eagle...

    While I agree that Decapre is kind of a lame addition, I do find that the internet firestorm is somewhat amusing. Decapre's addition has been met with insanity, yet the long line of "Ryu clones" that have been thrown into SF's line-up over the years has been met with shrugs. At least Decapre's move set appears to be somewhat different from Cammy's.

    man, skullomania would have been an awesome inclusion, he's got so much personality, and his movelist would match the tactical style of high level sf4 gameplay.

    An old rumor was Alex from third strike was going to be the 5th. I would have enjoyed that announcement more then Decapre.

    I can semi understand no Haggar, in that he would play very similar to Geif, not to mention Geif already having a Haggar costume. That being said;

    Evil Ryu

    All shotos, but all with enough differences to make each one unique.

    I'm pretty sure Skullomania is excluded due to Capcom not actually owning the rights to the EX characters.

    I don't mind Decapre, especially since I imagine the play style will end up with some subtle but important differences from Cammy. The look is kinda lazy, but then the dolls always were.

    I honestly just want the rest of the Third Strike cast back (Even Remy). Grab R. Mika and Karin from Alpha series. Hell, even pull from Rival Schools (Sakura was in RS. Totally canon).

    I was really hanging out for Alex, I thought for sure he'd be in. Ah well...

    Decapre's play style is different and interesting. They should of paired it up with different lore? it seems just lazy because they can reuse the hitboxes and frame data from cammy. Personally I want to play Kairi from EX

    Eh. We got Elena so I'm happy.

    For someone new, perhaps they could have brought in Akira from Rival Schools with her studded motorbike gear. Makes for a more interesting design at least.

    The problem with any other character than decapre is Money.

    it's expensive to make a new model, hence why they stuck a mask on cammy and called it a new character.

    the main problem was the hype, they spent 9 months hyping a character no one wanted....

    On a semi related note, anyone heard of plans to bring a super duper ultimate version with all expansions to the next gen?

    Birdie, Rose, Sodom, R. Miki would been my choices.

    Asura. Hands down

    Would have been mad

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