WildStar Player Versus Player Battles Looks Like A Blast

Considering Carbine Studios was founded by 17 members of the World of Warcraft development team, I can forgive the re-use of the terms “Arenas” and “Battlegrounds”. It’s the combat that matters, and WildStar‘s isn’t very much like WoW at all.

With the June launch just a couple of months away, we’re finally getting our first good look at WildStar‘s PVP system, and it’s not looking too shabby. There’s real targeting going on there, and I’m a big fan of a level playing field. Will I abuse the hell out of the in-world rival system? No, because I am a big wuss.

The MMORPG gives great video, though of course the proof is in the pudding. I’m still not sure it’s a game folks will be willing to pay a regular monthly subscription to play. I suppose we’ll find out in the months following June.


  • And then the stalker tank comes along and ruins everything because who says you can’t be really tanky, have awesome initiating skills and still do above average damage. That is unless they fixed it before the end of the closed beta.

  • Wonder how the whole action combat system works with Australian latency. Especially in PvP. I mean it looks real fun to get into, but I’ve just left another big ‘telegraph’ MMO (FFXIV) because I kept getting hit by stuff I just ran out of.

    • Not wrong there man, Ive been playing the beta and its sitting at the usual 250ms. A game like wow can be fine but with ‘telegraph’ its a bit shite.

  • Ive read pvp is almost impossible to play from Australia with the latency, trying to dodge and compete with the telegraph system is almost impossible

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