Witness The Beauty Of Japanese Swordplay

Witness the Beauty of Japanese Swordplay

Shozo Kato, a master kendo sensei, discusses Japanese concepts of beauty (such as wabi-sabi or わびさび) and the "immovable mind" (fudoushin or 不動心) as well as demonstrates kendo and laido. The result is both poetic and fascinating.

This video was directed by Brady Welch and Colin Sonner.

Shozo Kato - Way of the Sword [The Avant/Garde [email protected]]


    Kendo is NOT Japanese swordsmanship! Its more a sport

      If you watched the video, he says the bamboo swords allow your skills to rise. He talks about multiple practices. Which all fall under Japanese swordsmanship.

        I agree, that Kendo gives you a better idea of the flow of combat then you can get from just doing Katas alone. But swordsmanship it is not, Kendo is a sport about striking your opponent with a stick, Thinking Kendo is swordsmanship will just leave you with bad habits. Nihonto are curved for a reason, you cut with it, its not an axe.

        Learning how to cut, is the art form.

        Just a quick edit. I know that last part sounds amazingly pretentious lol. But its really the truth of it.

        Last edited 03/03/14 1:29 pm

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