Worms Creator's New Game Combines Lemmings, Sheep And Steampunk

Team17 is known almost exclusively for its Worms series of games, so upon hearing that it has a new IP on the way can only be taken as good news. Called Flockers, the game looks to be Lemmings recast with sheep, so expect numerous fluffy creatures to meet squishy, blood-stained ends over and over and over again.

The announcement trailer is cute but uninformative, fortunately, Team17 did punch out some screenshots showing the game in action, albeit from an alpha build. The press release describes it as "a twisted blend of Lemmings' inspired gameplay and Tim Burton style macabre, all topped off with a dose of that classic Worms humour!"

This is definitely evident from the images below, with the grim, steampunk-themed environment tinged with white, red and red-white.

Flockers is aiming for a "Q2" debut on Steam Early Access, which means it could appear on Valve's distribution service pretty much any time in the next three months.

Flockers [Official site]


    Well I'm certainly looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage

    Wait. Wait. Team 17 is doing a game that ISN'T Worms?

    You have my attention.

      It doesn't look wildly different. In waiting for the expansion, mother flockers.

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