WoW Level 90 Character Boosts Are Just An Expansion Pack Preorder Away

The physical editions of the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft will come with a code that will allow players to boost a character to level 90. Pre-order a digital edition from Blizzard, and you'll get the boost right away.

The Warlords of Draenor expansion gives players the ability to explore World of Warcraft's past. It's also giving players a look at World of Warcraft's future, one where levelling up a character isn't the hassle/enriching experience it used to be. Yeah, we're getting a new/old world to explore, fresh character models and the ability to reach level 100, but those aren't the aspects of the expansion marketing seems to be focusing on.

Either way, the digital expansion is now available for preorder from Blizzard at $US49.99 for the regular edition, $US69.99 for the Digital Deluxe pack, which comes with all the things.


    'all the things' huh? could at least copy paste them.

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      You get a blue bird mount with gold on it and a combat pet version of it for an extra $20

    I have been away from wow since the beginning of MoP (it was THAT good.... *cough* ...)
    And I have heard about the whole 'level a character to 90' deal. But now they are saying you get your character's professions up to max MoP level too (if the character is over 60) is just... amazing.
    I might just play my Paladin again; whom I dreaded getting to max level in MoP and playing as my main because I really didn't want to go back and power level blacksmithing and mining...

      Blacksmithing and Mining were given "shortcuts" late into the MoP Xpac using current level nodes and special skills. But yeah, I'm doing the same thing with my Hunter who has Alchemy; i hate leveling Herbalism.

    just read some of the forums (on wow site and others) and my GOD there's so many cry babies crying and whinging about this lvl90 boost service. just STFU cry babies

    I used to play an MMO that had Aussie servers, but over time they eventually went back to the US.
    Many people stopped playing soon after, myself included.
    They were unable to transfer characters, so we had to play on the small population, high ping "Aussie" server and not with well populated US servers.
    It took a year or so to get my character and its alts to max level. If they offered this sort of service I may still be playing, instead we all sort of gave up as there was no chance we were going to spend the time and money to max level all over again on a new server.

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