Xbox Live 'Core Services' Are Down (Don't Blame Titanfall)

Xbox Live "Core Services" Are Down (Don't Blame Titanfall)

Of all the times for Xbox Live to be experiencing "limited service". Microsoft's Xbox Live has been having some pretty serious issues for the past hour or so.

Looks like Xbox live sign in is down currently. I hope that isn't our fault!

— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) March 11, 2014

Unable to sign in to Xbox Live on Xbox One? We're on the case to get this issue fixed as soon as possible! ^PC

— Xbox Support (1-5) (@XboxSupport) March 11, 2014

If you are having issues signing into Xbox Live, we are aware of it and actively working on the issue. This is not a #Titanfall issue

— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) March 11, 2014

I could sign into my account (both in a browser and on my Xbox One), but couldn't sign into Titanfall or access stores. Your mileage may vary; others can access the stores, but are having trouble signing in in the first place.

Right now Microsoft's Xbox Live service page is saying that "core services" are "limited".


    If they say it's not Titanfall I am inclined to believe it is completely Titanfall's fault.

    hmmm that might explain the 3 texts i got from M$'s protection services saying, you're account may have been compromised please verify your account.

      Heh, you replaced the S in MS with a dollar symbol. That's pretty clever, did you think of it yourself or did you borrow it from 1993?

        Heh, you replied to a comment with sarcastic remark where one wasn't needed. That's pretty clever, did you think of it yourself or did you borrow it from 1993?

      Hmmm... This is interesting... if someone wanted to take Microsoft down, this would be the day to do it... Not having any issues here in AUS though. On XBlive fine ATM.

      Or they could not be related... As its Xbox Live that's got the issue not standard live services to which your account is attached?

    Its probably xbox's biggest day of this year....they need to get it together.

    Good thing I'm not getting it till tomorrow, they have one day to sort it out.

    I got the game today and i cant believe i cant play titanfall. If this doesnt get fixed by tommorow i might as well return this crap

      Hello Jasson. Don't put your full name on some random website. Who knows, someone's gonna hack ya :P

    Phew, good thing they have the Magic of the Cloud™, otherwise I'd say "well DUHHHH" that the servers crash on the launch day of the biggest multiplayer game in the past year.

    Well, there is not much on Xbox One LIVE worth signing in for at this point in time. A barren wasteland in fact.

      Project Spark beta... I have been having no problems with it, haven't been tossed playing Titanfall yet $66 aud on the US store for anyone who is keen on a 16gb download haha

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