Xbox One Brings Us Next Gen Parenting

Xbox One Brings Us Next Gen Parenting

You can't always keep an eye on the kids while playing video games...unless, of course, you choose to rig your console to show you footage of your baby's crib (also known as a 'nanny cam').

The wonders of being able to snap Internet Explorer to the side of your games, people. The image above comes from TheHardGospel, and they say they're using the mobile view of Internet explorer plus a $US50 camera. It's probably the most creative use of the Xbox One's snapping feature that I've ever seen, if not the most responsible usage, too.

If you're having trouble seeing it, make sure to click 'expand' on the picture to get a better view of whats going on in the top right corner.


    Don't know whether to be upset at the laziness or impressed by the hacking. Hmm...

      I don't see laziness or hacking... I see a parent playing a video game while their child is sleeping, using a simple browser to monitor a webcam. Responsible and creative are better words here.

    I won't rush to condemn. A lot of parents use baby monitors in their house to monitor their child while asleep. I did. I used to be out in the garage, or playing a game and I had only an audio one in front of me. If this means there's a video one the parent can see at all times? As long as they never close it and never ever put the game as a priority over the baby when it needs them (and there ARE examples of people who do that), then I have no issue with it at all. Clever work.

      As A single guy with no kids I still think this is AGOOD idea.. No one wants to sacrifice their entire life and no one wants to be uncertain of their children's safety

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