Yes, Dark Souls Does Have A Story, And This Video Proves It!

The lore and story behind Dark Souls is notoriously impenetrable. I should know. I just spent 52 hours completing the game and I know next to nothing except I killed a bunch of dudes and broke and Xbox 360 controller in the process. The above video goes to some lengths to try and explain what the hell is going on in a humorous fashion. As a primer for the upcoming Dark Souls II, I think you should watch it.

But if I'm being honest, I'm now more confused than ever! This game man, this goddamn game.

Even if it does confuse you — and chances are it probably will — it's still good viewing, and might help fill in some gaps for the people who obsess over Dark Souls and its lore.


    If you or anyone else is looking to learn more about the lore of Dark Souls, check out Vaati Vidya's youtube channel, he has a few video series that go to a lot of length to summarize the lore for the overall story, as well as for some of the main characters you encounter through the game (look for his Prepare to Cry series in particular).

    Uncovering the story in Dark Souls is meant to be a challenge as well, much like the rest of the game. There is actually an amazing amount of depth there to be found, once you know to start looking.

    ALSO, there's an excellent podcast called Bonfireside Chat, where two dudes spend17 episodes discussing each area of Dark Souls bit by bit, covering it's lore and gameplay. Definitely worth a listen if you love Dark Souls and can appreciate delving a bit deeper into it.

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      I watched that prepare to cry series the other day (18 videos all up?) and really enjoyed it.

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