Yes, There Are [SPOILERS] In Titanfall

Yes, There Are (SPOILERS) In Titanfall

Titanfall is a multiplayer-based first-person shooter. With giant metallic Titans you can use to punch other giant metallic Titans. So who would have thought you'd stumble onto one of these? Spoilers ahead.

Yes, There Are (SPOILERS) In Titanfall

We've seen some dinosaur-looking creatures in Titanfall's art and some marketing materials, but was it just some inside joke? Or were we going to — surprise! — be battling these monsters somehow?

After playing through a ton of Attrition, I ran into one particular map — Airbase — that features one of these bigger creatures. You can't interact with them, but they do make these wonderful whale-like noises from a distance and walk around lazily, decorating the horizon.

Listen to them in action:

And here's Fahey, a little closer to them:

I haven't managed to find a full Campaign server yet to see if these guys get talked about at all, but if/when I learn more, you will, too. For now, enjoy their mysterious prowls.

There are pterodactyl-like creatures in one of the desert maps too. But they don't seem nearly as magical.

Yes, There Are (SPOILERS) In Titanfall


    titanfall has a campaign?

      In the form of adversarial MP only. The way I interpret that is objective deathmatch with in-ear waffle

    They sound and look awesome.

    Shame the game seems to not be so good according to reviews I've seen. Still will give it a shot, just won't rush out day one.

      What reviews are you looking at?!?!? I haven't found anything but positive reviews thus far! I ask as i love reading reviews that swing completely the other way...

        I watched total biscuits wtf is titanfall video review. He liked the mp but thought the sp was not so good, and said it feels tacked on. They could of done more with it. Would of been better if there were more modes in mp too.

        Hopefully I can link it here, never done it before.

        and this is the other I watched;end=11:20;cycles=-1;autoreplay=false;showoptions=false

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        Maybe reviews from CoD kids shouting around everywhere.

          Nah these guys are pc gamers, I posted the links but it says my comment is awaiting moderation.

          Look up total biscuit wtf is titanfall and TITANFALL Review by Adam Sessler on youtube. I take it thats why my comment is awaiting moderation because of links.

          They enjoyed the game for the most part, its just the down sides they pointed out don't really want to make me go out and buy it day one. They said its great but nothing ground breaking like what was hoped for.

          Last edited 11/03/14 6:23 pm

            Adam Sessler gave it a 5 he rarely gives a 5 he had nothing but great things to say about it seems like your knit picking a bit

            Last edited 11/03/14 6:40 pm

              I didn't say I was not going to buy it, it just wont be day one.

              Last edited 11/03/14 6:58 pm

      Best FPS I've played in years, and I've only played the beta!

    Wait, she actually DIDN'T mention them in the title? Or title image? Or opening paragraph?


    Hmm this thread was at 7 comments before and now 5? (excluding mine)

    Last edited 11/03/14 5:04 pm

    They just look like background props. Doubt they'd be intractable, unless it's with an easter egg. Though it does make a good scenery.

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