You Are Probably Not As Good At Driving Games As This Guy

You Are Probably Not As Good At Driving Games As This Guy

I’ve always had a distant respect for players of the arcade racing series Initial D. This video catapults that respect to new heights.

Watch as a player by the name of Josh demolishes a tough as nails stage in Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA. It’s hypnotic to watch anybody perform at that level, then brush it of like it’s nothing.

Apparently the D in Initial D stands for “Dayyyyuuum”.

Jodice112 via VVV


  • Possibly zealous, it did seem like he’d had some practice.

    I wonder if he was practicing with a cup of water on the dash to ensure that he didn’t spill any as I’m guessing that he didn’t have access to any tofu tubs.

  • I’m not impressed, if you ever played that game before you would know that you basically drift on rails ridge racer/outrun style.

    • Uh, no, not really. All the cars handle differently and if you take the wrong angle or if you touch the sides or miss a gear shift by even a few hundred RPM your entire time trial run is ruined. Like that big corner at 1:45, if you don’t shift at the right time and have the right angle you’ll either eat the inner corner or hit the outer wall and might as well quit. To be able to get your name in the time records is as complicated and obsessive-compulsive as Starcraft build queues or counting frames in fighting games.

      • me and my g27 play the gt6 online event leaderboards quite extensively and usually post in the top 1%, I’m fully aware of how difficult it is to climb leaderboards. but with such a small base of competitive players I’m not impressed by anyone who tops those ones, especially in such an arcadey game.

        • It’s not on-rails drifiting. I played this game all the tim back in 05-06 and it comes down to predicting corners well in advanced because the cars handle like hovercraft.

          • Kinda depends which version your playing…

            Initial D arcade has had quite a few revisions since it came out ages ago. Last version I ever played was Stage 3 when they redid everything.

          • None of them are on rails though. In Ridge Racer, once you enter a drift, the car follows an invisible path around the track regardless of the direction of the wheels until you straighten it out. In all versions of Initial D, when you enter a drift, the car continues linearly so you can still ram into barriers, it’s just much more exagerrated and forgiving than say GT.

  • Nice run!


    Wow. Look… someone’s correcting trivial copy on a website and the other guy is clearly too awesome to be impressed.

    I challenge you to do a better run on that game, put up or shut up, bro! 😉

  • I am the worst at racing games. I tried Initial D at the arcade at work and I drew a crowd b/c of the amusing spectacle which was my driving.

  • Yah, I’m not this good. I’m better. It’s amusing to imagine just how shit this guy would be on any actual simulator.

  • This is just like watching a friend of mine playing the original Sega Rally. Spend enough time and money learning tracks and it becomes second nature. You know what you have to do and you just have to pull it off perfectly.

    He’s great at the game, one cannot deny that but I’m not impressed because it’s like watching someone play – insert any title here – when they’re a master at it.

    Now where’s my tofu?

    • So you’re not impressed watching people who have mastered something at the top of their game? Most impressive feats take lots of practice, dumb luck is far less impressive.

      Just out of curiosity, what does it take to impress you?

      • I kinda have to agree with the op. Gaming feats dont really do it for me, you can sit down and try over and over again. Nothing happens if you fail no repercussions just try again. No courage needed. Its not a skill the tracks the same everytime its brain training.

  • Any fans of daytona arcade out there? Most players wouldnt know it but the standard settings include an auto catchup feature if you were behind, so you never could really tell the good players from the great ones. It was possible to turn it off and you’d be surprised how it showed up the bad drivers

  • Just Practice in Initial D on PS3 before going to the arcade. It’s a home port of Arcade stage 4 and works great.

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