You Can Beat Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes In Ten Minutes

The new Metal Gear Solid is short. Really short. Kirk called it "a sliver of a larger, more complete game ," and even Hideo Kojima admitted last year that it'd have been ideal if Ground Zeroes was part of the real Metal Gear Solid V, which will be out at some undetermined point in the future.

But for now, this is what we have — and what we have is a game that the folks at Eurogamer were able to complete in just ten minutes, as you can see in the (SPOILERY) video above.

It's not just them. CVG were able to complete Ground Zeroes in ~18 minutes with an impressive S rank:

Of course, that's not to say this is a bad game — Kirk liked it quite a bit — but if you're looking for a longer Metal Gear Solid experience, you'll want to wait for MGSV, whenever that might be.


    Damn, that is short. They should have just released this as a downloadable title and sell it for $10. Similar to what Dead Rising 2 did with Case Zero.

      Yeah. Case Zero seemed to do exactly what Ground Zeroes is trying to do. They're both effectively self-contained DLC for a game that hadn't been released yet. Ground Zeroes is obviously a bigger effort, but still just sell it cheap and chalk up any losses as promotional costs.

    I'm gonna hold out and hope that it is simply something that is included with MGS:V anyway. Otherwise, grab it pre-owned a week before MGS:V actually releases.

    You can also beat the original Fallout in about 20 minutes.

    However, skipping cut scenes, sub quests and the like really defeats the purpose of playing it in the first place.

      Just to provide a Devil's Advocate perspective on Fallout though, the original Fallout "pass it in 20 minutes" was based on getting a lot of luck, going straight to the final boss, even more luck to actually beat him, etc. While it was do-able it wasn't exactly normal, and it certainly wasn't the prescribed method of doing it.

      Watching the GZ video there's nothing luck about it. Following the prescribed path, going to the right places quickly, shooting well for sure, but nothing more than a little skill and practice.

      Which you could argue sums up most speed runs, but Fallout is a different beast I think. Its speed-run results from an active choice on the developers to not lock off locations simply because you were too low level, didn't know about that area, etc etc. If you chose to venture in to the wilderness and somehow managed to beat the game that quickly that was a reward for creative bravery.

      Edit: I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'd like to see a legit playthrough of MGSV:GZ to see how properly short it is, but a speedrun of GZ and a speedrun of Fallout aren't quite apples for apples.

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    I feel like those kinds of headlines could potentially hurt games and sales. Like, some idiot might just see it and be like "Urrrrghhh, I'm not gonna buy a stupid game like that if you can only beat it in 10 minutes. What a waste of money for a ten minute game", when it could actually be a meaningful experience theyre missing out on.

    Kinda like all the negative press for things like the wii u and vita. I know some people who base their entire knowledge of these things on the bad "such and such: is it dead?" articles, which in the end feel like a self fulfilling prophecy, when neither of those are really as bad (at least in terms of quality) as people say.

    Apologies for my haphazard rant there...:( :(

      I have nothing against a game that takes 2 hrs to complete - but trying to charge $50 for that game - I'm against that definitely.

        Yeah, actually, I myself am not a fan of that price point...

          THe price point is all I've seen people complain about. Or inversely, they are happy for the price but not the content you get for it, which is really the same thing. It is frankly just too expensive, period.

    Metal gear is about setting your own limits. My next main mission run will be cqc only with no alerts no kills

    I'd like to watch the video to know what I'd be forking money out for.... But at the same time, as it's such a short overpriced 'game' it almost feels like it'd be even more of a rip off if I'd already spoiled it with videos.

    Big fan of the MG series, but not paying $50 for it LOL. A full release game for PS4 only costed me $58 (AC Black Flag). People who pay this much for GZ are, quite frankly, morons.

    Has anyone played it here yet? Is it spoilerable?

    I don't want to be spoiled but I don't want to buy this teaser when the real game doesn't even have a release date yet.

      Yeah I've finished it. My first run through of the GZ mission took my 45 minutes, not including 3 checkpoint restarts (I was too used to having a soliton radar haha). Ended up with an A rank for it. That unlocked two more side ops which took be about half an hour to get through them both which unlocked another two for another half hour all up, then ran through main mission again to collect the things to unlock the console exclusive mission, which is actually the mission I've spent the most time on so far. Don't know about the XBox mission but the Playstation mission has a whole bunch of stuff to collect and working out how to do some of the things took me a while. All in all I'm happy with it, I feel I've got my moneys worth. Going to try and S rank all mission on easy before I play through on hard though, especially for the mission that take place during the day. No more tiny cones of vision, the guards can see crazy far so you really have to be careful if you're gonna try for a run through without reflex mode for the bonus (strangely enough you can't just turn off reflex mode, it needs to be on but never used for you to get the bonus haha).

      EDIT: I must point out thought that I'm a completionist. If you're the type of person who just plays once and that's it, this probably isn't the price point you'd want to get the game at. Wait till it's ~$20. If you're the type of person who's gonna replay for a better rank (and there's heaps of extra little things like "fastest tagging of all enemies, fastest collection of all mines, fatest etc etc) then this is well worth the price. Especially if you download the app. The app's in the play store/app store now, just search for metal gear solid V ground zeroes. It's published by KONAMI. Even without GZ the4 app still has the mother base buildy game that you can play while you wait to get GZ.

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