You Can Now Use An Xbox One Controller On The PC (Unofficially)

You Can Now Use An Xbox One Controller On The PC (Unofficially)

Despite the fact that the Xbox 360's controller has become a standard in PC gaming, Microsoft still hasn't got the Xbox One pad working officially with the platform. But that's OK.

Lucas Assis has done it for you, modifying the ToCA Xbox 360 control pad emulator to work with the Xbox One's pad (remember, they have got the exact same button layout).

His version is an early work, of course, so don't expect things to be perfect, but folks are reporting success so far.

Those after something more official, remember: Microsoft told Kotaku last year that support should be hitting sometime in 2014.

If you want to try it out yourself, the download link is in the "About" section below.

Xbox One Gamepad PC 1.0 Release [YouTube]


    how hard is it to release offical drivers for your gamepad, would take the devs at microsoft a few hours at most.

    You have to ask why it wasnt plug and play to begin with, seeing as the 360 controller is the standard pc controller, its only logical that the xbone controller would become the new standard.

      Yeah. I'm still puzzled by Sony never releasing drivers for the PS3 controllers. I mean they run on BT, they would have stood a serious chance of becoming the standard for PC controllers. You would think with the way they were desperate to add more and more features to their new controllers they would have both launched with full PC support.

      you're forgetting that microsoft stopped official support for the 360 controllers around the time windows 7 came out. thats why its taking so long, they just don't really care.

        The drivers have been integrated into windows since Windows 7, I'm not entirely how that entails "stopping official support".
        Source: I can plug an Xbox 360 controller into my Windows 7 laptop and my windows 8 desktop and it works without needing any drivers installed.

      X1 was clearly rushed to catch up with PS4. I will say that the official launch was yesterday when Titanfall launched and had a major update which fixed a lot of the problems.

    I'd love to get an Xbox One Controller for my PC. But without official drivers? Not, thanks.

    does this mean i can use my xbox 360 pc wireless receiver with the xbox one controller? or is it only workable with usb plugged in?

    Wasn't some of the Xbox One demos previewed back in E3 2013 running on Win7 PCs? Surely MS must have some level of development on the controllers at this point, this just makes me skeptical that they're holding back.

    Think I wont bother upgrading to an Xbox controller, PS3/DS3 works fine right now, then I might find a cheap Dualshock 4 later on, touchpad might be useful.

    I would just assume they are holding back for the moment in case people went, 'i won't bother with an xbox one, i'll just get the controller for the pc.'

    I don't think that'd really be an issue, but I bet that's it. They don't want it to seem PC is an alternative at this stage.

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