You Can Now Watch Sony Reveal Project Morpheus To The World

It's a bit late in the game, but in other respects the timing is good. Finally, a day after Facebook acquired Oculus Rift, Sony has made its conference reveal of Project Morpheus available to watch on YouTube. So if you feel like spending an hour of your day watching someone reveal something that's already been revealed, knock yourself out!

But in all seriousness, it is worth the watch, mainly for the details. As someone who is super interested in Virtual Reality and where it's headed, I'll probably watch the whole thing from start to finish like a sucker, but a quick fast-forwarded watch would probably also be worthwhile.

VR. Whoo!


    Sony is making a habit of jumping in whenever the waters are churning from backlash towards its competitors.

      They announced this project weeks before the Oculus takeover was announced. I'm not sure how long you think it takes to develop something like this, but they would have started research into it before the oculus kickstater was even thought of.

        I was referring more to the article. A video detailing the Sony VR headset being available to be watched on Youtube when it previously wasn't, and only a few days into the rabble rousing that is the takeover.

        I just thought it was similar to them making that video concerning game sharing on the PS4 around the time people were screaming about the Xbox Ones policies.

    My understanding is that SONY has been working on this for years, long before OCULUS RIFT was even a wet dream.

    Here they are promoting a new peripheral to work with the PS4 and it's other current add ons to a room full of people whom they hope will adopt it and develop for it and one of the first questions is, "would it ever be stand alone?"
    And what would it run off if it's not plugged into a PS4 or, should they allow it, a PC?!?

    Of course people like the thought of a VR headset that has all the hardware built in but jeezus, this thing (and the Oculus Rift) isn't even out yet. It's new technology that's designed as a peripheral to an existing system, not a whole new console.

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