Your Dark Souls 2 Questions Answered

Aussie Youtuber VaatiVidya is one of the best & biggest Dark Souls commentators, gaining popularity for his lore-focused “Prepare to Cry” series. He’s had early access to From Software’s soul-crushing sequel, and has been answering questions for people over on the ‘Tube. It’s one of the rare sources going beyond the basics of “You can be invaded while hollow now”.

Journalists were recently treated to a small helping of Dark Souls 2, and walked away with their impressions of the DS2 equivalent of the Undead Burg, but the Souls games are the type you’d really want an expert on. Someone free to devote more hours to the game than would normally be allowed at a cover-everything-under-the-sun outlet. And there are far more questions than can be answered by the typical amount of space an outlet is willing to devote.

Some of the answers to these questions involve serious, important changes to the sequel — changes that would leave even veterans scratching their head for a while, without a guide. Nevermind all those claims the internet was screaming about a year ago about “accessibility”. The following video does a good job to address some of these more in-depth concerns, and Vaati has been active in the comments answering further questions as well.

As far as I know, it’s the first video in which he’s actually shown his face, and whereas I’m sure he was expecting more questions about the game, most of the comments seem to be about how damn hunky he is. But, knowing exactly what Souls players want to hear (and not hear), he manages to be very informative about some of the new systems under the hood, while navigating around potential spoilers like a max agility build with fast roll.

There are further looks at the game (with game footage) in the channel, and a planned video from the local Bandai Namco chapter will cover all changes comprehensively, closer to launch.


    So pumped for DS2... Sounding so good as well from what everyone has said.

    Quite liking the idea of the Nexus/Firelink mix as far as how open world the game is.

    And the possibility of a solid frame rate sounds like an added bonus.

    Can't wait for March 13!

    I was still tossing up whether I'd get get this game, but now I'm convinced I should buy it on day one.

    Damn, that was really informative.

    Pretty much all of the changes seem like good ones, apart from the inability to opt out of invasions, but much like my first run-through of Dark Souls, I know the best way to opt out of invasions...

    *yanks network cable out of PS3*

      Only cowards do that. Face your oppotent and crush him for invading you.

    I too was quite surprised by how he looks, but I guess he's just another studely stud who plays Dark Souls, good to know I'm not the only one...

    Incredibly interesting! So much new information.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the Q&A - good stuff

    Why is it that i cant find other people to either help or join in their games? and neither invade? does the soul level matter for this? im a pretty high soul level and lately it seems that i cant invade anyone or help anyone :/ is this the issue?

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