Zelda Tattoo Covers This Woman's Entire Back

Zelda Tattoo Covers This Woman's Entire Back

There are Zelda fans, and then there are Zelda fans. Chrisaixa is a Zelda fan.

Based on a piece of art done by Purrdemonium, she's had her entire back covered by this epic Majora's Mask tattoo. If you thought saving Termina was rough, the healing on this must have been worse.

The tattoo was done by done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour.

Zelda Tattoo [TheGreatKeaton, via Fashionably Geek]


    Why does Link look so evil?

      because that's the form Link takes upon wearing the Fierce Deity's Mask in LOZ: Majora's Mask.
      Slight spoiler:
      When you face the last boss, Majora's Mask, if you collect all the mask in the game, he gives you this mask and considers the spirit contained in that mask to be a bad guy compared to Majora.Basically Link looks evil because the original bad guy Majora considers him an even more evil being than itself. So that could explain why Link is being portrayed here as a more dark character.

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        OH! Ok. I never got all the masks or I forgot about it because it's been so long.

    Looks pretty awesome! I can imagine the pain and healing time would of been interesting as my back is almost finished - Scorpion & Sub Zero. The avatar has an updated pic :D

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    Can we get an update in 30 years?

      not to be insulting or anything, but your face isn't gonna look too crash hot in 30 years either.
      that's getting old for you.

      Edit: that sounded far meaner than I intended. sorry, but time make all of us look like rubbish eventually.

      Edit #2: in fact, if she looks after it & gets it retouched, theres no reason it wont look really good in 30 years anyway.

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        Irrelevant, anyway. Most of us won't be around in 30 years. On account of The War and/or the ensuing Apocalypse.

        Edit: I saw an old guy leaving St. Vincent's hospital a couple weeks back... COVERED in tattoos and scars. Bent and bowed by age as we all are, but squinting back through time, all I could think was, "Man. That dude probably looked like kind of a badass when he was young." Which, if that's what you're going for instead of kindly old grandfather, then yeah... mission accomplished. I guess it's different for women, no-one wants to know that nanna was a bit wildd in her day?

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    So is Chrisaixa her handle or her name? How do you pronounce that?

    I believe this is the same lady from the front: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/063/9/5/a_link_to_the_past_cosplay_by_chrisaixa-d4rpfky.jpg You're welcome.

      Tits or GTFO.

      Her tattoo is on the wrong leg, might not be her, but good find.

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