14 Minutes Of The Super-Slick Star Citizen In Action

We've long known that the outer-space sim Star Citizen looks gorgeous; that's a big part of the reason the PC game's developers have managed to raise more than $US40 million in crowdfunding. At this weekend's PAX East convention in Boston, Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts demoed a bunch of new footage of the game in action.

This video, pulled together by YouTuber kigamitya, consists of all of the in-game scenes showed at the Star Citizen presentation at PAX East. There's also a second, shorter video of multiplayer, which you can watch here:

Bear in mind that this game is still very much in-development, but even after taking that into consideration... my, does it look nice. I'm with the crowd on this one: Whoo-hoo.

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    I was pleasantly surprised how great it's looking even for "Pre-Alpha" stuff. I am looking forward to playing Arena Commander too. It's going to have some great modes.

    CIG need to release some HD footage though. The Twitch stream was OK but didn't show it off very well. Though we are likely due to get some of that coming up to Arena Commander's first module release later in the month.

    So why is Fozzie Bear flying a spaceship??

    That's all from the SC event outside of PAX. Watched the live stream of that on Twitch

    Ok, looks pretty great... Don't understand people cheering about it though... Just be quite and enjoy... Maybe it's an american thing.

      It is not just an American thing. The crowd at Gamescon in Germany were just as loud last year.

      its a Star citizen thing, we are just that excited about this game :)

    I'm gunna own the crap out of this when it comes out.

    Wait! I thought this game involved exploration. Millions of dollars went into shooting couple of space fighters?!

      The game will involve exploration and lots more stuff. The game comes out in 2015, this is a very early alpha of just the space fighting element.

      You underestimate the size of this thing. That's the dogfighting module. It's whole purpose is space fighters. This plugs into the larger world. Same deal as the hanger module.

      didn't realize people could be so ignorant, how bout googling it first before opening your mouth and sounding like an idiot.

      the dog fighting module is just that a module so that backers can help test flight, weapons, damage states and the server stability.

      there is a number of other modules planned to be released over time before the full game is ready so we can test and make sure we dont get a shitty final product.

        And then there are 455holes like yourself. who gets butthurt by any comment people make about their favourite games. Hey asshole, grow the fck up.

        Last edited 02/07/14 10:37 pm

    Most enthusiastic crowd ever haha

    Looks fantastic but I think the ship designs are awful. Surely we can a bit more creative, its a spaceship, why is the cockpit like a 20th century aeroplane. Some visibility in the lower half of your vision sure seems like it'd be super handy in those dogfights :D

    I put $1250 into this game, It's the best money I ever spent. This game is going to be like WoW for space flight fans. It's going to take over entire lives. I'm already planning to buy a 4k VR headset and a new gaming PC to drive this.

      man, I don't usually tell people what to do with there money, but seriously no one should drop $1200 BUCKS ON A GAME THAT COULD FLOP! I hope you are very rich, otherwise you need to get your priorities and shit straight man...

        I think you should stick with not trying to tell people what to do with their money.

        Considering the amount of money raised by the kickstarter, combined with who is the head of the development of this game... its freakin' Chris Roberts. As in THE MAN of space sims... THE MAN of open universe simulators like Wing Commander Privateer and Freelancer. I've put money into this and I plan to put more in... (perhaps not $1250). Not because I think this game is awesome. But because I know this game is, and will be incredible.

        This game will not flop. There is far too much support for that to happen.

    Watching this was kind of painful. The guy playing it is terribly bad at space sims. Unless he was sucking on purpose. how hard was it for him to just shoot them?

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