50 Frustrating Moments Everyone Experiences While Playing Games

Escort missions. Not being able to pause when you need to. Never having a line piece appear in Tetris. There are a ton of little aggravating things anyone who games will experience, many of which BuzzFeedPop compiles into one montage. Which of these is the worst, in your opinion? Or do you have any frustrating moments not covered in the video that you think lots of people experience?

I'll add some of my own to the list:

  • Neurotically reloading at the worst possible moment in a shooter/multiplayer game
  • Trying to get the Kinect to understand your commands
  • Sitting through the unskippable monologue/cutscene that plays before a boss battle
  • Not being unable to un-notice the repetitive barks that enemies call out in a game
  • When your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of a multiplayer game
  • When you accidentally kill a randomly-appearing legendary or shiny in Pokemon

Just to name a few. But for all the frustrating moments games give us, there's also a bunch of awesome moments, so it's not like it's all bad!

The 50 Most Frustrating Moments In Video games [BuzzFeedPop]


    No, not everyone who games will experience all these frustrations. That's a very broad brush you're painting with.

    Got about 10 seconds into that and couldn't listen to that guy's voice anymore.


    Nah. All it takes is skill. And frustration is something you allow yourself to have. Patience and focus is the remedy. Basic Bruce Lee stuff. I recommend going to the Temple and airing out the books for a month (Shenmue 2).

    Shenmue 2 contains many meta-games that promote patience, focus and skill.

    All this stuff is covered in the No Twinkie Database: http://www.designersnotebook.com/Design_Resources/No_Twinkie_Database/no_twinkie_database.htm

    I know the video is satirical, but It didn't make me laugh. All it made me think is the narrator is not willing to put in the effort to increase his skill, and instead blames the game for his own frustration.

    The "just can't wait to be king" level is not impossible. It is also level 2. Narrator cannot pass level 2 of the Lion King. :P Still throw your controller like a 10yr old?

    Ghosts N Goblins is extremely challenging. But is not impossible.

      The one I remember having real trouble with was the Elephant Graveyard.

        Yeah The Lion King is pretty challenging. Though it can be finished in about an hour once ya master it.

        Developed by Westwood Studios too. Which is pretty crazy when ya think about it... Dune, Command & Conquer...

          Oh wow, I had no idea it was them behind it. The more you know.


    The last one was particularly true. I calculated that if I got the opportunity to spend maybe 4-8 hrs tops on every game in my pile of shame, I would still not have achieved this until many years from now.

      Damn, I think you're right. Only solution is to delete them from your Steam library and chick out any hard copies you have. Out of sight, out of mind - that technically means you completed them. :P

      Last edited 13/04/14 1:57 pm

    When your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of a multiplayer game

    I remember when I used to use batteries. Now it's wired all the way.

    #51 - Going back to play old classics when you have an ever growing pile of incomplete/unstarted modern games. Here's looking at you FFVII...

    Last edited 13/04/14 1:58 pm

    I just remembered one when I was replaying FFX. Getting 0:00 in that stupid chocobo race!!!!!!!!!

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